Chapter 364: For the Country (Part Two)

Zhang Chenfeng suddenly broke out in laughter upon hearing this, as if he heard the funniest joke in his life. 

“Old man, what are you laughing at?” the old man of the Murong Family snorted.

“Let me laugh for a bit longer first.” Zhang Chenfeng even began coughing from laughing too hard. Then, waving his hand, he looked at those two old men and said, “So, you guys came over tonight to watch me, and you think nothing will go wrong back home, right?”

“Wrong. We are not just here to watch you, we are also here to kill!” the old man of the Li Family said, “We already set up everything. After you die, your personal doctor will draft a death certificate and state some random reason, and the Dragon Division will naturally fall apart.”

Zhang Chenfeng began laughing again wildly. 

“If it was just a few years ago, the Dragon Division would indeed disband if they lost me. But you think I wouldn’t have thought about it too?” Zhang Chenfeng faintly smiled. “I know you guys were intercepting talents with money in the dark so the Dragon Division couldn’t recruit the best of the younger generation to deal with you guys. But, you guys missed one person, and what a coincidence, it might’ve been fate, but you guys indeed looked down on him too and even wanted to kill him.”

The two old men narrowed their eyes. “Who?”

The old man of the Li Family thought for a second and said, “Xu Cheng? What is that guy capable of? He’s at most A+ in power, us behemoth families really didn’t need to try to recruit him and offend the Ryong and Ye Families.”

“Yeah, so in this whole game, everyone would forget about this guy, and that’s the key.” A mysterious and profound smile appeared on Zhang Chenfeng’s face.

The two old men snorted. “Old man, stop playing mysterious here with us. We just don’t know why you are so set on fighting the behemoth families.”

Zhang Chenfeng’s smile grew bigger. “You are wrong. I’m not against all behemoth families, just you four!”

He found a comfortable position by the wall and continued, “You want to know why?”

Those two old men didn’t talk, but one could tell that they were curious from the look of their eyes. 

Zhang Chenfeng: “Back then, when I went to study abroad, I warned my family to not participate in politics, because no king can stay in power for ever. But, they didn’t listen and even kicked me out of the house. After being away for awhile, indeed, the Qing Dynasty ended, and the Zhang Family began running in all directions, and that is when I found out, the collapse of the Zhang Family was caused by backstabbing! And there were four families that were involved, and they were the Li, Ye, Ryong, and Murong! They were like bandits, swallowing all of the assets of the Zhang Family, which had been at its prime, to strengthen themselves.”

Those two old men’s eyes widened as they looked at Zhang Chenfeng. “You are the missing orphan of the Zhang Family?!”

Although there was blood on Zhang Chenfeng’s face, he still appeared to be very graceful. As a grandmaster of a generation, he elegantly smiled. “But I didn’t focus on you four because you killed the Zhang Family. Rather, it’s for one word.”

The two old men’s eyes narrowed. “What?”

Zhang Chenfeng: “Country!”

Those two old men sneered. “Old man, if you were up against the Zhang Family today, would you still be able to be this heartless and determined?”

Zhang Chenfeng said resolutely, “Yes! Sacrificing a family to protect the peace of this country! Take a look, the country’s growing stronger and stronger by the day, but if the power was held by one single person, the country would go back to what it was like before and relive the history. So, I definitely won’t allow a feudal system to reappear!”

The old man of the Li Family said mockingly, “You are such a great man, but what use does that have? You still can’t change reality. Besides the Dragon Division, what other cards do you have to destroy us?”

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