Chapter 365: Backup Plan (Part One)

When Zhang Chenfeng heard them say that, he laughed and said, “Of course I have one prepared. You think the reason I kept you guys here is as simple as wanting to play chess with you? You two want to kill me, but I don’t plan on letting you go back alive too. You want to ask which card I would use? I have a 2!”

“2?” The old man of the Murong Family laughed. “I know about your organization’s ranking system; the lower the number, the weaker the soldier. That 2 of yours is even weaker than a 3, right? And that’s your trump card?”

Zhang Chenfeng faintly smiled. “I planned it with the Fight the Landlord Game, so you tell me, what was the assessment I gave to 2?”

The two old men’s face faintly changed.

“Ace is S+! Could 2 be SS?” the old man of the Murong Family exclaimed.

Zhang Chenfeng said with laughter and pride, “Then what if he was the equivalence of all four 2s combined?”

The old man of the Li Family frowned. “What do you mean?”

“That means it’s a bomb! It can take down a Joker!”

“Impossible!” Both old men exclaimed in disbelief. “Someone from a grassroot background actually reached such a level? Are you talking about Xu Cheng? We saw his performance at the competition, at most he was at A+! With your training, he could at most cap out at S! You say he’s stronger than you? That’s completely impossible!”

Zhang Chenfeng laughed and said, “He obviously can’t match the Joker at its prime, but the Joker that is me right now, this 2 is stronger than me! If you guys don’t believe me, why don’t you pick up your phone and call your family?”

In fact, he was also worried whether Xu Cheng and the rest of the Dragon Division succeeded or not. But right now, he had no other way but to get them to call and check.

Zhang Chenfeng was also feeling quite a bit anxious. 

But on the outside, he acted extremely relaxed and confident, and that left the other two old men feeling a bit worried, since they didn’t receive any calls from back home either.

One of them crawled over to the guard’s body to take out a phone. At this moment, the signal jammer on the roof was broken because of the messy fight, so the phone was completely usable. 

He dialed and called home, but no one was picking up.

Seeing the old man of the Murong Family’s face looking a bit abnormal, the old man of the Li Family said with a tired and hoarse voice, “What happened?”

The old man of the Murong Family hung up and then dialed the number of a clan elder. 

No one picked up as well!

He began to panic a little, and he directly began to dial all the clan members’ numbers that he could remember, and after 7 or 8, the calls were either not in service or not getting picked up. 

The old man immediately threw the phone onto the ground.

Seeing the calls not going through, Zhang Chenfeng faintly smiled.

The Murong Family was probably over now, and now they were just waiting for the Li Family.

Seeing his Murong friend like that, the old man of the Li Family anxiously crawled over to find a phone. All three of them were heavily injured, and it was already good enough that they could still move. Zhang Chenfeng remained unmoved as he adjusted his breathing to recover faster, while the other two already gave up trying to adjust their breathing so they recovered slower.

When the old man of the Li Family found a cellphone from his guard’s pocket and called home, no one picked up as well. He began to panic as he dialed his eldest son, but the call didn’t go through.

An uneasy mood pervaded the whole body of those two old men.

“What happened? You couldn’t reach anyone too?” the old man of the Murong Family asked anxiously.

The old man of the Li Family looked around. “It’s probably because something’s wrong with the cell signal here, right? This is impossible!”

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