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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 366.2

Chapter 366: Putting on the Golden Clown Mask (Part Two)

The old man weakly patted Xu Cheng on the back of his hand, and his pale and wrinkled face faintly smiled. Then, he slowly closed his eyes, and his breathing slowly weakened. On his face, a kind and peaceful smile remained.

Xu Cheng felt that he no longer had a pulse, and upon seeing the electrocardiogram going flat, Xu Cheng put his head onto the old man and lightly kowtowed three times.

He murmured, “Thank you, Teacher!”

When the operating room opened, the members of the Dragon Division were about to ask Xu Cheng, but when they saw the box in his hand, they all silently lowered their heads. All of their eyes were bloodshot as they tried hard to hold in their tears.

Seeing the box in Xu Cheng’s hand, Bei Shan quietly said, “Open it.”

Only then did Xu Cheng slowly open the box. Inside, the golden Joker mask gave off a dazzling light. There was also the ancient robe with a flying golden dragon embroidered on the back, called the Dragon King Robe!

A the center of the dragon, there was Xu Cheng’s number 2!

There was also a Big Joker card inside the box as well, made of pure gold. 

Seeing this robe, Bei Shan slightly smiled. “The true meaning of 2 is: the second generation Dragon King!”

Xu Cheng’s pupils suddenly widened!

Soon after, he bitterly smiled. “The old man’s way of playing with numbers is really just next level.”

With a bang, all the members of the Dragon Division went down on one knee and said in unison, “Division Master!”

Xu Cheng’s body shivered. 

Bei Shan looked up at the golden joker mask in Xu Cheng’s hand and said, “Put it on!” 

Xu Cheng’s hands holding the golden mask were slightly trembling. He looked at the 30 or so members of the Dragon Division and heavily nodded with everyone looking at him with anticipation.

Xu Cheng lowered his head to look at the golden mask, but he began to hesitate.

Bei Shan said, “Wiping out all four behemoth clans, you’ve already proved your strength! This mask, everyone wants you to wear it!”

Xu Cheng: “Senior Brothers, please everyone get up.”

The four Sky Kings all said in a deep voice, “Put it on!”

Xu Cheng stood there, not knowing what to do. Feeling like all the responsibilities were suddenly on him at once, it was difficult for him to adapt and be prepared. He never thought that he would join the Dragon Division in this way one day!

“Put it on!” all the members of the Dragon Division said in unison.

Xu Cheng held onto the mask tighter, and when he lowered his head and looked at the golden mask, he slowly moved it closer to his face. 

When the mask was completely on, Bei Shan got up and helped him put on the robe. Then, everyone shouted in unison, “Greetings, Division Master!”

Looking through the mask, Xu Cheng felt as if there was this illusion. Plus his penetrating vision, he felt as if he could see through everything in this world, but others couldn’t see through him.


The man that liked to have everything between his fingers, playing like a puppeteer. Right now, Xu Cheng understood why the old man wanted to make himself a Joker!

It turned out that it wasn’t actually a derogatory term in nature, but someone of great intelligence!

At least for now, Xu Cheng felt that he wasn’t worthy of this title. 

But after he put on the mask and understood the old man’s meaning, he felt his blood boiling anticipating the challenge!

Looking down at the golden Joker card inside the box, he faintly smiled.

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