Chapter 367: Reunion of the 3 Swordsmen (Part One)

– The next day, at the graveyard of martyrs – 

The military commander personally led the funeral for Zhang Chenfeng. All the leaders bowed deeply in tribute. 

As requested by Zhang Chenfeng before he died, they didn’t have a high-level memorial service for him. Those Dragon Division members that died in battle were also buried with him. Although the ceremony was simple, all the major military leaders attended so the scene wasn’t small at all.

Xu Cheng and the other members of the Dragon Division stood on the two sides of the tombstone, and the leaders all spoke with them one by one.

The commander came over and patted Xu Cheng on the shoulder. “Thank you for your service! I hope the Dragon Division can shine in your hands. Go on, don’t let the country down.”

Xu Cheng nodded and saluted.

The commander smiled. “No need to be so formal here. You are not Colonel Xu Cheng anymore.”

Xu Cheng grinned. “All the same. It’s both serving the people.”

The commander laughed and patted him on the head and then left. The other military leaders all gave Xu Cheng enough respect and saluted to him. Xu Cheng was a bit shocked and flattered and he hurriedly wanted to say something, but they all heard them say, “You are worthy of our salute, just like Elder Zhang.”

Xu Cheng could only salute in return.

“We will be counting on you for the future.” Those old men all patted Xu Cheng on the shoulder.

Xu Cheng heavily nodded. “The mission of the Dragon Division never changed!”

After that, Bei Shan accompanied Xu Cheng to another ceremony.

The Dragon Division!

Officially established!

Its level wasn’t low, and it actually had even higher authority than the National Defense Security Bureau! But, the nature was a bit different. The Security Bureau did more of the intel work, while the Dragon Division was directly involved in operational tasks.

The vote was passed in full.

Xu Cheng received his letter of appointment, and the other members of the Dragon Division also got theirs. 

After that, Bei Shan brought Xu Cheng to the base camp of the Dragon Division.

In the Audi sedan that they drove, Xu Cheng curiously asked Bei Shan, “I thought the Dragon Division doesn’t have a base camp?”

“We do actually, but it’s very secretive and not many people know about it. Besides the military commander and a few others outside the Dragon Division, few even know it exists. You think the Dragon Division’s that simple? The entire logistics preparation and scientific research team is very powerful,” Bei Shan said.

The car slowly drove into the suburbs of Yanjing. After passing layers and layers of security guards, they arrived at a gigantic-scale underground laboratory factory. 

Bei Shan made a grand introduction to Xu Cheng, “Welcome to the real base of the Dragon Division.”

Xu Cheng looked over, and his jaw dropped wide enough to fit three eggs. 

He didn’t know why, but there was this line at the gate…

Major Psychiatric Hospital of Yanjing!

“Uhh… are we at the wrong place?” Xu Cheng looked oddly at Bei Shan.

“Nah, we are home.” Bei Shan laughed. “The name is just a cover up. But actually, some of the scientists and researchers here are pretty insane, at least I think so. They are all top tier in the nation, and in the future, with the influence of behemoth families on the military regions weakening, there will be more talents getting recruited for us to train and transform. By that time, our scale will be even larger, and it wouldn’t be less than the 5th Division of M Nation!”

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