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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 367.2

Chapter 367: Reunion of the 3 Swordsmen (Part Two)

As Bei Shan introduced, he led Xu Cheng into the factory. Taking the elevator down to the underground factory, Xu Cheng finally felt he entered a brand new world. There was such a big laboratory and various training grounds. 

When the elevator opened, Bei Shan took a certificate from a soldier and handed it to Xu Cheng. “Here, this is the graduation certificate issued to you by the Dragon Division.”

When Xu Cheng lowered his head and saw the certificate, his whole body began not feeling well.

“What the hell is this, certificate for me being a patient with severe mental illness?” Xu Cheng was confused.

Bei Shan laughed. “Yeah, this is the biggest privilege that comes with being in the Dragon Division.”

Xu Cheng frowned. “What do you mean?”

“In this society, we would inevitably run into problems with other departments during operations. But, the Dragon Blades aren’t able to reveal their identities. At this moment, even if you were caught killing someone and ended up being arrested, with this certificate, you can temporarily avoid a death sentence. Then, the higher-ups would communicate with their guys to release you. The legal mental illness procedure works in this society.”

Xu Cheng got it. “Woah, this is pretty good! It’s basically the get out of jail card.”

“Basically. However, if the Dragon Blade knows the law and broke the law, the Dragon Division will take actions too. That means, the Dragon Division members are not convicted by any other systems other than its own.” Bei Shan said, “And you, as the division master, there’s a lot for you to remember. In a bit, I will bring the Dragon Division’s criminal law book to you, get to know it.”

Xu Cheng nodded.

When the two of them walked past an area, Xu Cheng saw many people practicing hard there. Xu Cheng stopped in his tracks in a daze as he looked at them.

Bei Shan followed the direction Xu Cheng was looking and saw those people and said, “Those are the new recruits. They work pretty hard, and they were also all recruited from the military camps. We lost quite a lot of cards this battle, and they will fill in the open positions. However, we still need to use the normal procedures and select the best out of them. They heard about this news, so they are now training harder than ever.”

Xu Cheng nodded. “Senior Brother, wait a second for me.”

Then, he ran over. What he saw was none other than his bros that he hadn’t seen for 2 years!

The Three Swordsmen!

Luo Yi and Li Wei!

One of them was holding the target, and the other one was practicing kicks. Just when Li Wei was about to throw another kick, he felt someone watching him. When he looked up, he was completely dumbfounded!

Luo Yi still had his back against Xu Cheng, and seeing Li Wei frozen, he scolded, “Why are you frozen? Come on, don’t stop!” 

Li Wei still couldn’t react, and when he saw Xu Cheng smiling at him, he also subconsciously smiled.

Luo Yi: “What are you looking at? You saw a hot girl?“

When he turned around to look as well, he just saw Xu Cheng standing there with a smile they would never forget.

“Big Brother Cheng!” Luo Yi thought he saw wrong.
“Old Li, hurry and pinch me. See if I’m dreaming right now or not!”

Li Wei directly kicked him, and then he left Luo Yi aside and directly ran towards Xu Cheng. 

Luo Yi got up and shouted as well, “Big Brother Cheng!”

Xu Cheng opened his arms towards them. “Bros, I’m here!”

The three of them immediately gave each other a huge hug. Luo Yi was crying with tears of joy, “Big Brother Cheng, I heard that you became a little civil police officer in Shangcheng, and I was so angry! I swore that if I could not achieve big things and bring you up with me, then I won’t be called Luo Yi!”

Li Wei’s eyes were also red. “It’s good that you are here. Big Brother Cheng, now the three of us can fight side by side again in the future!”

Xu Cheng heavily nodded.

At that moment, Luo Yi and Li Wei saw that mental illness certificate in Xu Cheng’s hand, and the two sets of their eyes widened. “Holy crap! You b–ch, you actually got the certificate already! Holy, we trained so hard for two years just for this and you got it before us!”

Xu Cheng was speechless.

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  1. Black-Out

    Le dernier chapitre ressemblait vraiment à une fin. Merci pour le chapitre !

  2. bob

    now that xu chen is like a almighty beeing who see throu walls hundreds meters ahead, i hope he can find those onion cutting ninjas … last chapters was heavy stuff

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