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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 368.1

Chapter 368: Sparring (Part One)

Xu Cheng stood on the side, and he really wanted to kill himself seeing how Luo Yi and Li Wei were holding his mental patient certificate, playing with and adoring it like it was some kind of treasure.

It was just a certificate saying that you were mental, yet Xu Cheng just couldn’t accept the scene of two elite soldiers looking so intoxicated yearning for one.

He asked Bei Shan, “This was also thought of by that old man?”

“Besides his beautiful mind, who else?” Bei Shan smiled.

“I will stay and chat with these two, can I see the other people some other time?” Xu Cheng said to Bei Shan.

Bei Shan nodded. “Up to you. After all, the old man was just like a shop owner that didn’t do much and just let the employees handle everything. Your temper’s pretty much like his, so I will just do whatever I can do for you. In the future, I will be your personal secretary.”

“I know.” Xu Cheng had a dirty smile. “If there’s things to do, the secretary will do. If there’s nothing to do, there’s the secretary I can do. I understand.” (TL Note: it’s a saying in China, that the boss would let the secretary do the work, and do the secretary when there’s no work) 

Bei Shan gave Xu Cheng a middle finger and walked away.

Xu Cheng smiled at his two friends and laughed. “Alright, just stop obsessing over it, it’s nothing.”

Luo Yi and Li Wei bitterly smiled. “We’ve been here for two years now, and we had stayed in the trainee camp. You don’t know how fierce the competition is for the 54 cards. If we want to replace the original cards, we have to challenge them and win, or else we will stay in the trainee camp forever. We’ve been enduring, and it’s rare to have such a big scale of casualties so we obviously had to train super hard to grab a place.”

Luo Yi curiously asked Xu Cheng, “Oh right, Big Brother Cheng, did you enter the 54-card rank yet?”

Xu Cheng didn’t hide and nodded.

Luo Yi immediately asked, “What card?’

“2 of Diamonds,” Xu Cheng said.

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Li Wei nodded. “Although it is the smallest of the 54, it’s good enough that you are in. At least you aren’t like us, we came to the trainee camp a long time ago yet we didn’t make good progress. *Sigh, our talent is really limited.”

Xu Cheng laughed and said, “It’s not that you guys aren’t talented, but the others are more like monsters. In the future, the people that the Dragon Division recruit will be even more powerful.”

Luo Yi patted Xu Cheng on the shoulder and said in excitement, “Wait, that means, Big Brother Cheng, your power has recovered?” 

Xu Cheng nodded and smiled. “Yeah, pretty much.”

Luo Yi backed up a few steps, smacked both hands together a few times, and said, “Come on, us bros haven’t sparred in a while. Big Brother Cheng, let me see how much you have improved over the two years. Although my power isn’t enough to compete for the 54 cards yet, but I improved quite a lot. Come, let’s spar.”

Xu Cheng awkwardly laughed and said, “Maybe next time?”

Luo Yi: “What next time! Just like old times, don’t you remember? We always spar with the head instructor and each other whenever we have time. Come on, there’s a training field over there, we can practice for a bit. After we are done, we can go and grab a drink.”

Li Wei directly dragged Xu Cheng by the arm and went over. They haven’t seen each other in a long time, so he definitely wouldn’t let Xu Cheng go easily. 

Xu Cheng had no choice but to follow the two of them to the training ground, and over there, there were at least 20 or so trainees all working hard. From hand-to-hand combat to science-based training, from shooting accuracy to speed, explosive strength and reflex, they were all training under the supervision of many experts. Everyone seemed very busy.

After Li Wei brought Xu Cheng to the training ground, Luo Yi clapped his hands and said loudly, “Everyone, gather around, I’ve convinced our senior to come over.”

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