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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 370.1

Chapter 370: I Will Introduce Someone to You (Part One)

After the guy finished talking, his eyes locked tightly onto Xu Cheng’s hands. 

Seeing him sweating bullets, Xu Cheng knew that this guy was all tensed up. He faintly smiled. “Relax.”

That guy still didn’t listen and kept on staring at Xu Cheng’s hands.

But, he didn’t see those hands move, nor did the others see anything. They just saw Xu Cheng flash in front of that guy, and that guy was already flying away!

Three people already. 

Not to mention dodging, no one even saw what happened. Bei Shan and the 7 of Diamonds were both trying hard to not laugh.

Looking at those three trainees by and in the wall, they all looked in a daze right now, looking like they had nothing else to live for anymore.

The 7 of Diamonds sighed, “I know.”

Xu Cheng faintly said, “Next.”

Another person stood up and came to Xu Cheng. He stared nervously at Xu Cheng.

“Ready?” Xu Cheng asked.

That guy nodded.

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And before he even waited for Xu Cheng to make a move, he already used his own judgement and dodged to the side.

Xu Cheng was speechless, and so was everyone else.

“What are you doing?” Xu Cheng asked, confused.

That guy went back to his original spot awkwardly and said, “I thought you would make a move right away like the last few times so I gambled.”

Just as he finished talking, everyone saw Xu Cheng appear right before that guy with his arm extended forward, and that guy flew away.

Everyone was shocked, and their eyelids began batting. 

Xu Cheng was losing a bit of patience. “Alright, today’s assessment will end here. I hope you guys prepare well for the next one.”

Then, he turned around and left, leaving behind a batch of trainees lowering their heads in depression. On the other side, there was that batch of contestants that flew away. 

After Xu Cheng and Bei Shan left, the 7 of Diamonds looked at those guys and couldn’t help but scold, “Look at this, don’t even complain about how hard you guys work in the future! You couldn’t even take one strike from him yet you want to join the official rankings? Now do you know the difference between you guys and the 54 cards? Hurry up and train harder in the next two days. The opportunity is in your own hands.”

Later down the line, when those guys found out that the guy that sparred with them was actually the Division Master, the 7 of Diamonds got beaten up. 

When Bei Shan and Xu Cheng got into the elevator, he said, “In fact, that’s probably for the best. Now at least they will train harder to move closer to you. Right now, we still don’t know when the Little Joker will arrive and what kind of team he will bring. At this point, we can only work hard to strengthen ourselves quickly.”

Xu Cheng curiously asked, “Is the Little Joker very powerful?”

Bei Shan nodded. ‘Back then, the whole Dragon Division was founded and protected by him and the Division Master, or else the behemoth families would’ve wiped out the Dragon Division a long time ago. Just the Division Master alone wouldn’t be able to help the Dragon Division pass the critical period in the beginning. And then, that thing happened, and the event of the Little Joker leaving was made confidential. Now, he’s probably about 80-years-old. But back then, the former Division Master reached his prime at around 60-years-old, so I’m afraid that the Little Joker is probably comparable to the prime state of our former Division Master.”

Xu Cheng also became a bit worried. “What kind of masters do you think he could train?”

“Don’t know.” Bei Shan sighed. “We can’t compare with them. The M Nation has supported him with everything they got, while we were being suppressed by the behemoth families. So, relatively speaking, their team would have made faster progress.”

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