Chapter 373: Thank You for Helping me Remember the Joy of Childhood (Part One)

Wang An, Ye Xiu, Bagh, and the other members of the club standing behind them all stood there, not seeming to be surprised at all.

It was because earlier, even Kalan who stomped Ye Xiu was still instant-killed by Xu Cheng, so although the six visitors today were stronger than Ye Xiu, they were no different than Kalan. So, the members of the club weren’t surprised at all when they saw that gentleman flying out.

But on the other side, the five guys that came from renowned military families were all dumbfounded.

What the fack is this?


They weren’t even ready to watch the show yet, and it was already over?

Seeing the guy with the buzz cut groaning in pain over there, his buddies finally came back to their senses and went to help him up.


That guy on the stage only used one move, right?

“Old Zhou, are you okay?” his buddies tried to help him up and asked.

Old Zhou shook his head because at that moment, he was still feeling very uncomfortable. His head was feeling swollen and every inch of his body was hurting.

Xu Cheng, still standing on the stage, glanced at that bunch of guys, and said, “Hurry up, all of you just come up. If you win, the club here will disband right away!”

The five guys below the stage looked at each other awkwardly.

Ye Xiu was laughing on the side and said, “That’s right, didn’t you guys say he couldn’t 1v10? Just go up, all of you together. If you can win against this big bro of ours, this club will disband on the spot.”

Those five guys felt like they were being humiliated, and they looked furious.

“Humph! You won already, no need to rub it in and push your luck. We will disband our club, we won’t go back on our words. However, you are provoking us now, so don’t blame us for whatever may happen. Bros, let’s get him!”

Those guys were actually very principled. Since Old Zhou lost, they accepted the consequence. However, what Xu Cheng said after that was a bit insulting, and they came from big backgrounds, so it was natural for them to be a bit prideful and not have a good temper. They could lose the competition, but they couldn’t tolerate losing face. 

The five of them all jumped onto the stage right away and faced Xu Cheng. “If you get hospitalized later, don’t blame us.”

Xu Cheng faintly smiled. “That should be my line. I’m giving you the opportunity to 5v1, and if you still get hospitalized, you can only blame yourself. Don’t look for trouble from me in the future.”

Then, Xu Cheng’s figure flicked, and he arrived before those five people like a ghost with his Shadow Steps. Then, raising his leg, five “Pa!” sounds rang out.

It was already too late when those five could react. They all each got a kick and flew to the ropes and then bounced back, immediately losing their balance and falling to the ground. Xu Cheng suddenly lifted his foot again and slammed down onto the stage, which was a bit elastic.


Those five guys hit the ground but were bounced back up again, becoming airborne for at least a second, and that second was enough for Xu Cheng to make his move.

He lifted his leg, and aiming at those five suspended in the air, he gave each of them a kick.

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