Chapter 375: Then How Do You Want to Deal With This? (Part Two)

President Li held onto his head as he slowly fell down against the wall. A bit dizzy, he shook his head, and when he saw it was Xu Cheng that did this, he shouted angrily as he glared right at him, “You actually dare to hit me?”

After he finished talking, there came another loud bang!

Ye Xiu’s bottle smashed onto his head as well!

President Li groaned in pain, and at this time, his friends from the other room had heard the noise and hurriedly came over. There were women and men, young and middle-aged, and there were many women all dressed up and were clearly here as company. 

Those men and women saw President Li’s head bleeding and their faces all lost color as they went to help him up. “President Li!”

President Li’s other friends saw that the men in this room were all pretty young, so sounding like a senior lecturing youngsters, he said, “Why did you guys hit people?”

Ye Xiu’s face sunk and said, “If you guys don’t get the f*ck out, we will hit all of you. Wanna try?”

“The youngsters these days really don’t know how to survive in this society,” a guy said in a mocking tone as he pointed at Xu Cheng. 

But right after he finished, the irritated Wang An directly threw his bottle towards the door.

“Still not leaving?”

“Not leaving!” A middle-aged man wearing Armani and a million-yuan watch turned around and shouted at the waiter in the hallway, “Call your boss over!”

The waiter saw what was happening and immediately went over to get his supervisor.

In the end, it was the manager that came over, and the middle-aged man was definitely unsatisfied as he shouted, “I facking told you to call your boss over, are you deaf?”

That manager smiled apologetically and said, “Sir, please don’t get angry. Our boss is on a business trip and isn’t here at the moment. I will try my best and take care of the things here.”

“Take care? Can you even do it? My friend got smacked in the head by a bottle! You tell me, how are you going to take care of this situation?” the guy in Armani with an expensive watch said in a deep voice furiously. 

The manager saw President Li’s head was covered in blood so he said, “Uh… how about… we call the ambulance first?”

President Li began wiping the blood off of his head with a napkin and slowly recovered. He just kept on sitting there shamelessly and said, “What ambulance? Didn’t you guys see that these people hit me? Is this something that can be solved by just calling the ambulance?”

Xu Cheng sneered. “Then how do you want to deal with this? You barged in like this is your house, and I’m already being too kind by not breaking your nuts. If you keep on wasting our time, don’t blame me for what might happen next.”

At that moment, Li Ziqi finally recognized Xu Cheng, and she suddenly looked shocked as she said, “You are… Instructor Xu?”

Xu Cheng glanced at Liu Ziqi, and then he looked at President Li and said, “You sexually harassed my friend, right in front of my face. Do you want to call the cops over and straighten things out?”

President Li said arrogantly, “Sure, do you think this woman dares to sue me? If she dares, then at most, I will be locked up for a few days. But as for her, do you know what she is? She’s a celebrity that I can grab a handful of every time. I can make her lose her job!”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Liu Ziqi’s agent, Sister Wang, squeezed in from the door and dragged Liu Ziqi and scolded, “What are you doing? Hurry up and apologize for President Li!”

“I won’t!” Liu Ziqi was originally very annoyed by this President Li, and tonight, he said they were going to talk about a movie role when she comes, but it turned out to be a big trap. In fact, she knew that her company’s resources were lacking since Imperial Entertainment was pretty small. All of the people network had to be expanded by the celebrities and agents themselves, and it wasn’t that she hadn’t been to occasions similar to this. She would always lower her position and talk politely, giving those directors and producers enough face. However, being casting-couched was just too unacceptable for her!(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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