Chapter 378: Let’s Talk This Out, Don’t Just Use the Kitchen so Liberally (Part One)

After bringing Liu Ziqi and her agent out of that restaurant, Xu Cheng had them go their own way.

On Ye Xiu’s car, he asked Xu Cheng, “Got no place to sleep, right?”

Xu Cheng: “Yeah, don’t worry, I will just stay at a hotel.”

“What hotel?! You came to Yanjing and you are just going to stay at a hotel? Are you looking down on me? No need to say anymore, buckle up, we are going to my house,” Ye Xiu said as he started his car and drove towards his house.

On the other side of the road, Sister Wang and Liu Ziqi were waiting for a taxi while feeling anxious.

“I told you, wouldn’t it be all fine if you just apologized? Look at it now, they are gone, but if President Li and President Qiang can’t find them, they would obviously come to you to vent their anger. You don’t have any background, how are you going to fight against them?”

Liu Ziqi lowered her head said, “If I compromise and apologize, then that fat guy would definitely make it more difficult for me… Sister Wang, please don’t blame me, you know what kind of person this guy was, yet you still brought me here? You were clearly throwing me into a pit!”

Sister Wang: “I’m your agent, how could I stand idly by as I watch you stay in this industry for two years and not be able to achieve anything? After you made your big debut with that ‘True Men’ Reality Show, have you gotten any roles in big films? You have a pretty good appearance, and if you listen to my words, I promise you, it will be difficult to not become popular! President Li is one of those rich guys in the Yanjing entertainment circle that loves to throw money at movies. Every year, which movie that he participated in didn’t have a production value in the hundreds of millions? If you get on his good side, with his capabilities, you will definitely go mainstream! You should also think in my shoes too, maybe you can wait for longer, but if I don’t figure something out, I will starve to death because my pay is also associated with how well you do!”

Liu Ziqi: “You know that the reason I went to Sister Chuxue and joined her company was that the company respects its celebrities and wouldn’t force us to do anything.”

Sister Wang: “I’m not forcing you, I was just getting a bit nervous… When I saw you leaving the room earlier, I thought you went to the bathroom. But when I saw that fat guy go after you, I wanted to follow too but was blocked by his assistant, who asked me to drink more with him…”

Liu Ziqi sighed. “Then what should we do? If you want to give up on me, you can just tell the company, and you can go and take care of other celebrities. After all, I’m probably going onto the black list.”

Sister Wang sighed. “Let’s get out of here first, and then we will call the company and ask.”

The two of them didn’t have any designated driving arrangement in Yanjing, so they could only get a taxi. In the car, Sister Wang called the big boss at the company and told her everything, and the boss directly scolded Sister Wang. Her meaning was that if the celebrity wasn’t willing to do this kind of thing, then she shouldn’t have arranged something like this to begin with, or else they would only offend people.

Sister Wang bitterly smiled and said, “We’ve already offended them now, it’s too late to say that. Boss… Is there anything I can do? How about I go alone and apologize to President Li?”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

“I would be surprised if he’s happy with an old auntie like you going.” The boss didn’t know whether she should laugh or cry. “Wait a second, who did you say was also at the scene? Who was the one that helped Ziqi?”

Sister Wang: “Xu Cheng, I heard he call himself Xu Cheng.”

The boss immediately said, “Is it that the Instructor Xu or something that filmed with Ziqi and Chuxue for that reality show?”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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