Chapter 379: The Unfortunate Duo (Part One)

President Li and President Qiang were still squatting in the detention cell. Both of their clothes, phones, and wallets were temporarily taken away by the guards. 

They grabbed onto the iron bars with both hands and looked at the phones on the table and said, “We want to make a call!”

The police officer, who was writing the report, casually asked, “What do you need the phone for?”

President Li: “I want to call my lawyer!”

Police Officer: “It’s useless to call, even if your lawyer comes, we will only have a stare down. Just the charges of you instigating thugs to fight is enough to keep you guys here for a while, and your lawyer won’t be able to do a thing. The evidence is conclusive. As for the other charges, we will be checking them slowly.”

President Qiang: “Give me my phone, I’m going to call my friend over. That must be okay, right?”

Police Officer: “Are either of your parents an official?”

President Qiang shook his head. “No.”

Officer: “Then there’s no need to call.”

President Li: “I’m a first-generation rich!”

Officer: “Not useful.”

President Qiang: “I’m a second-generation rich, my dad has a lot of money. Bro, let us go, and in the future we will treat you to anything you like.”

The officer shook his head. “Not useful. 

President Li was furious. “What do you mean? Are you purposely making it difficult for us? You really think I don’t have any connections? Let me tell you, when I get out, the first one I will take care of is you, do you believe it or not? If you have what it takes, just don’t give me my phone, and don’t let me go out. Otherwise, I will definitely make you suffer!”

The officer looked at him. “Even if you do that, I still can’t let you out. I want to sincerely ask you two, how did you manage to survive until today?”

President Li and President Qiang were confused. “What do you mean?”

Officer: “Earth is a very dangerous place, and Huaxia’s no exception, especially Yanjing. It’s so dangerous that no mercenaries in the world would dare to set foot in this city. There are all kinds of monster-like existences here. You might be powerful, but there will always be someone more powerful. Since you guys aren’t the sons of officials, I’m surprised that you would dare act all high and mighty in Yanjing, the capital of Huaxia. If there’s no one who dares to punish you two, then this place wouldn’t be Yanjing, got it?”

President Qiang shouted angrily, “You think we haven’t seen much? What kind of officials and powerful characters haven’t we seen before? Even if they don’t know us, we know them, and we also know the princelings that we cannot offend. We indeed don’t know who those guys we saw today are, but we are sure that those people aren’t as capable as us. Give me my phone, I will prove it to you right now.”

The officer gave them back a phone, with the intention of seeing a good show unfold.

President Qiang directly dialed one of his friends.

“Hello? Qiang? I just heard that you guys got beat up, what happened?! You weren’t even picking up your calls too, what do you need right now? Just give me your word, and I will definitely help out wherever I can!” One of his bros on the other line probably drank a bit so he sounded like a hero ready to fight the injustice for his brother-in-arms. 

“I’m at the police station!” President Qiang was very touched hearing this and he said. 

“What? Which one? Actually, just give the phone to the guard, I will talk to him!”

President Qiang looked at the guard and said arrogantly, “He wants to talk to you!”

The guard took over the phone and impatiently answered, “Hello?”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

“Which station are you at?”

Officer: “North.”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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