Chapter 381: I Don’t Have the Courage to Make that Request (Part One)

“Time to wake up, Big Brother Cheng, let’s go and eat breakfast,” Ye Xiu said. 

Xu Cheng got up and went to the washroom. While brushing his teeth and washing up, he asked Ye Xiu who was waiting for him by the door, “Did your grandpa tell you something? Let me tell you, I won’t acknowledge my background.”

Ye Xiu laughed. “Even if you don’t admit it, I still can’t deny it. We are related by blood, so I just need to acknowledge that you are my big brother, or my grandpa will break my legs. Last night, he looked very serious when telling me that, and he didn’t seem to be joking at all. You know, the older generation is very stubborn, and they don’t want us of the younger generation to challenge their words.”

Xu Cheng hung up the towel, looked at Ye Xiu, and said, “Up to you then. I won’t be using the halo that comes with that family name anyways.”

Ye Xiu: “And that’s why I think you are so awesome. If it wasn’t Grandpa who told me you have half of the Ye Family’s bloodline, to be honest, I actually thought you had no background at all. Look at me, in Yanjing, although people respect me as the Young Master Ye, that’s all thanks to my family. If I wasn’t born into this background, I might not even be doing as hot as Bagh. And this is why I admire you, you can get people to respect you without relying on any background, nor do I feel like you need any background.”

Xu Cheng was too lazy to continue this topic. “Alright, let’s go and eat breakfast now.”

– At the Four Seasons Hotel – 

Liu Ziqi and Sister Wang ordered some delivery food. When the delivery guy arrived, they also saw another guy standing outside. Seeing that the door opened, that guy immediately came up to them and said, “Mrs. Liu, I’m President Li’s assistant, can we have a word?”

Liu Ziqi thought it was President Li’s people coming over for revenge so she immediately told Sister Wang to grab the food delivery and close the door. 

However, when Sister Wang tried to shut the door, that guy wasn’t scared of the pain and immediately shoved his hand in between the door and frame. If he couldn’t get this worked out, his career would also be over, and that was why he was trying super hard here. 

“I’m here sincerely to represent President Li to apologize to you. Can I come in?” President Li’s assistant said, “It’s about what happened last night, please believe me.”
Sister Wang just then opened the door. Seeing that no one else was outside, they had him come in since they thought President Li probably wouldn’t send just one guy if he wanted to look for trouble. 

After he went in, he placed his hands on his knees and bowed his body 90 degrees as he apologized, “Mrs. Liu, I’m very sorry. President Li’s still being detained right now so it’s not convenient for him to come over and apologize to you himself, so he sent me here to represent him. As for what happened last night, he’s truly sorry. Of course, our apology wouldn’t just be with words. We knew that we might have caused you psychological trauma, so to make up for it, President Li’s willing to gift you this film’s female lead role. We hope you can forgive President Li… We are all in the same circle, so we should look after each other, right?”

Sister Wang and Liu Ziqi were both dumbfounded.

What just happened?(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

In fact, this was what happened. Last night, that friend of President Qiang, who was the son of some director, thought about it and knew it wouldn’t be a “bro” thing to do if he just pulled himself out of that situation. So, he directly told President Qiang who they offended that night and told him to hurry up and go apologies. Then, it would also be possible that they could use this opportunity to meet Young Master Ye. As an experienced azz-kisser, this was a simple rule of survival that he knew very well. This could be a good opportunity!(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

So, that guy called President Qiang told him Ye Xiu’s background, and after President Qiang and President Li learned about Ye Xiu’s actual background, they obviously couldn’t fall asleep for the rest of that night. (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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