Chapter 382: You Can Take Over This for Young Master (Part Two)

Lin Chuxue smiled. “It’s a newbie of our company, I’m just teaching her some lessons. Last night, she ran into some of the darker events in the entertainment circle, and she’s still quite naive. It was a good thing she ran into Xu Cheng.”

Auntie Lan: “I shouldn’t let this kind of little thing bother the Young Master, in fact, I can just take care of it. Young Madam, in the future, if you run into any trouble in this circle, just tell me. I’ve been helping the Ye Family manage a few businesses, and although those businesses were all under Madam’s name, I’ve been the one taking care of them. Now that the Ye Family collapsed, those businesses naturally fell under Young Master’s name. With my position in the business world, I do have quite a lot of influence in the entertainment world too.”

Lin Chuxue patted the back of her hand and said, “Don’t worry, since Xu Cheng didn’t trouble you, he hopes you can just enjoy the rest of your life. You don’t have to worry about those kinds of things. In the future when I become less busy, I will take you out on vacations and enjoy life more.”

Auntie Lan sighed, a bit upset, “But Young Madam, Young Master still doesn’t plan on accepting me, right? Otherwise, why is he being so polite with me? In fact, you can also rest assured and not worry about the Young Master. Believe me, his power right now is far more than what you can see on the surface.”

She saw how close Xu Cheng was with those from the Dragon Division. Back then, because of Xu Cheng’s words, even those Sky King characters went around her and spared her life. It was enough to show that Xu Cheng held a high status in the Dragon Division. So, Auntie Lan was sure that Xu Cheng’s identity was far from as simple as it looked on the surface.

For such a powerful person, if even trivial matters like this needed to personally trouble him, then it would be a serious dereliction of duty in her opinion for herself as a subordinate. 

Lin Chuxue was most scared that it would put more trouble on Xu Cheng’s plate if she couldn’t make Auntie Lan feel at home, so she immediately smiled at Auntie Lan and said, “Alright alright, in the future, I will definitely come to you for things like this, okay? Also, in the future, just call me Chuxue or Xue, don’t call me Young Madam anymore. It sounds quite distant and odd. Xu Cheng already said, the Ye Family has fallen so we are no longer in that kind of relationship.”

Auntie Lan nodded. “I guess it will take me some time to adjust.”

Lin Chuxue shook her head helplessly. 

Auntie Lan thought of something and then asked again, “Oh right, I just heard that you said you are planning to exit this circle? Are you planning to give up this profession?”

Lin Chuxue nodded. “Pretty much. I know Xu Cheng wouldn’t force me to do anything, but I don’t want my profession to make things awkward for him and his status when I publicly disclose our relationship. Although my reputation had always been good, I still want to avoid gossip as much as I can. Besides, the water is very muddy in the entertainment industry, I don’t want Xu Cheng to worry for me. So, I’ve already made up my mind. I will find something else to do and leave everything to the newcomers of the company.” 

After pausing briefly, she said with a longing look, “I want to be the woman supporting Xu Cheng from the back.” 

Auntie Lan was delighted. “That would be perfect! Young Madam, you want to find something to do? Madam had quite a few big companies under her name, maybe, you can take a look and give it a try?”

“This… isn’t appropriate right? I’m afraid that Xu Cheng would be angry, it seems like he doesn’t want to get too involved with the Ye Family’s stuff.”

Auntie Lan sighed, a little depressed, “Madam’s assets are naturally Young Master’s, and if it wasn’t because of the sensitive professional identity that Young Master has, which would bring trouble if too many assets suddenly popped up under his name, then I would’ve transferred the ownership to him a long time ago. But now, Young Madam, you can take over these businesses in his place, and if you are afraid that he wouldn’t want to accept it, then you can always tell him later.”

Lin Chuxue very much wanted to give Xu Cheng a call, but she also felt it might make Auntie Lan feel like an outsider if she were to call Xu Cheng in front of her and ask. She didn’t want her to feel upset, so she was quite helpless herself. Lin Chuxue was a smart woman; she  could always take into account all the minor details in people’s feelings and also knew how to take care of some of their subtle psychological changes.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Seeing Auntie Lan’s anticipatory gaze at her, Lin Chuxue could only nod and say, “Alright, but Auntie Lan, wouldn’t you be scared that I would run after those businesses are transferred under my name?”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

This was also her way of probing and signaling to Auntie Lan to reject this.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

After all, a clever person like Auntie Lan would definitely have this kind of worry and perhaps temporarily put off those thoughts. That way, Lin Chuxue wouldn’t feel too pressured on this matter, and Auntie Lan also wouldn’t feel too upset. 

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