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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 387.1

Chapter 387: You Already Have the Experience of Kneeling and Apologizing (Part One)

To Li Menglong, no size of contract could be as important as his job. In the Li Family, if he were to fall from grace, the pillar would collapse and by then, Li Hui’s business would only go downhill  without official backing.

So, Li Menglong was quite pissed about Li Hui offending someone behind his back just for some business deal.

“Big my facking azz! Let me ask you, are you forcing someone to do something?”

“Dad, I didn’t… did Second and Big Brother snitch on me? After I’m done this deal, I will just give them 20% or something… We brothers don’t have to be like this, right?” Li Hui said. 

On the other end of the call, Li Menglong couldn’t bear listening to what Li Hui was saying any longer. He directly asked him, “Let me ask you this, who are you doing business with right now? Are you forcing them to give up their shares? Just directly answer me, yes, or no!”

“Yes!” Li Hui tried to explain, “Dad, since when did I make you worry about anything I’ve done over the years? I’ve grown my company to this scale, I obviously know what I’m doing. About this business deal, it wouldn’t bring any negative impact on the family, I won’t let it affect you at all!”

“Won’t affect the family, won’t affect me?” Li Menglong was shuddering with anger right now. “You [email protected]! Back then I facking should’ve shot you onto the wall or wore protection! Do you know that what you are doing right now can cause me to lose my job at any moment? Yes, you are not like your two brothers that make me worry every day, and actually, you are the son that I was most satisfied with in the past, but this time, this one mistake you are making can bring the whole family back to before the liberation era of the nation, do you know that?” (TL Note: when everyone in the country was poor as fack) 

Li Hui’s face slightly changed and he was getting a bad feeling. He immediately stopped his guards. “Wait!”

Then, he turned around and went to a corner to talk to his dad. He asked, “Dad, you might not know this but it happened half a month ago. I was humiliated, and I didn’t tell you about it because  the Ye Family was behind it. To tell you the truth, the deal I’m signing today is to get the shares that a company gave to the Ye Family in the past as a protection fee. However, now that the Ye Family has fallen, my chance is here! This company’s based in Yanjing, and without the Ye Family, they for sure have to find another big tree to rely on.”

Li Menglong snorted. “How many big trees are in Yanjing? When did you think it was your turn to jump out?”

Li Hui: “This is a chance, other big families don’t even care about this company, but we do need it. With the shares in this e-commerce company and our official background, I’m confident that I can make it the top one or two in the country! The board of that company is already on board. Besides, I can also use this opportunity to pay back someone that had once humiliated me before, why would I not do it? Dad, this woman is just a dog of the Ye Family, and now she has no owner, why should we be scared? Who doesn’t know that the assets of Ye Family’s are beginning to be annexed, if I don’t do something now, they will all be gone…”

Li Menglong: “Let it go.” (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Li Hui was getting anxious. “Dad! I know what I’m doing on this, this is just the nature of business! Those that are brave get the cake, and those that have small balls have to lick the balls of others!”

Li Menglong said in a deep voice, “I told you to let it go! Go over there right now and apologize to them!” (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Li Hui: “Too late, my people are almost about to beat them up. If they continue to act tough, then I will be tough on them too!” (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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  1. “You [email protected]! Back then I facking should’ve shot you onto the wall” LOL. Did you translate this or add this on your own because this is brilliant. I love it

    • noodletowntranslated

      loool it was the author’s original version, yeah the author’s funny af

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