Chapter 389: War (Part One)

There was a scar on the old man’s face, and when he smiled, it looked even uglier than if he was crying; it was an extremely grim look.

He stood in front of Zhang Chenfeng’s tombstone with a crutch and sighed, “I really envy you, you can rest in this Martyr’s Graveyard while your name will be passed down the ages, but I won’t be remembered by anyone like a homeless dog. Everyone in the Dragon Division, including the high-level officials, will remember your contribution to the Dragon Division, but I’m really like the Little Joker, always living in your shadow. Now that I’m back, I’m here to take back what’s rightfully mine. Back then, the one that everyone spurned should’ve been you, and all of this glory today should’ve been mine. You owe me too much, the Dragon Division you are so proud of, I also played a big role in making it what it is today, but why was I the one that was kicked out? This isn’t fair for me, do you know that?’

As he said, the old man got emotional and slammed his crutch onto the concrete floor, directly creating a hole.

The old man talked a lot in front of the tombstone, all the way until nightfall. Suddenly, a tall man wearing a Western ghost mask came over and said, “Boss, it’s time to go. The shift change for the guards of this graveyard’s going to happen soon and the guards we killed will be discovered.” 

If those that had some knowledge of Western mythology saw this mask, it wouldn’t be hard for them to guess that this mask represented one of the seven demons in the Western culture – Lucifer!

The old man nodded. With his back still turned to him, he asked, “Everyone’s ready?’

‘Lucifer’ nodded. “All prepared, ready to go now.”

The elder nodded. Then, he reached his hand to the side, and ‘Lucifer’ opened a box for him. Inside the box was a mask, and it represented – Satan,  the god of Hell!

Night fell.

At the gates of the psychiatric hospital of suburb Yanjing, a slim mini-van drove over to the door.

The guard pointed his gun at the car and shouted, “Stop!”

A mixed-blood man in the driver’s seat said to the guard, “I have a patient with me. I heard this is a psychiatric hospital so I brought him over to see.”

“We don’t take in ordinary patients, you should go to the hospital in the city.”

“We are no ordinary patients.” As the man finished, he lowered his face, and when he looked back up again, he revealed a “Lucifer” mask on his face. He then shot both guards in the head instantly.

Then, he directly rammed over the gate of the hospital with the van’s reinforced bumper. The side door of the van slid open and six people immediately jumped down, each wearing a different mask, each one with a different meaning.

Representing envy, one of the seven demons – Leviathan!

Representing wrath, one of the seven demons – Astaroth! 

Representing sloth, one of the seven demons – Belphegor! 

Representing greed, one of the seven demons – Mammon!

Representing gluttony, one of the seven demons – Beelzebub!

Representing lust, one of the seven demons – Asmodeus! (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Plus pride, one of the seven demons – Lucifer, these seven were the representatives of the seven deadly sins! (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Lucifer carried out a Gatling gun from the van and shattered all the windows from the hospital’s first to third floors. The hospital was extremely quiet, and the seven of them exchanged a look before scattering to enter the building from different entrances, starting to look for secret passages leading to the underground base.

In a medical cargo room leading to the underground base, Xu Cheng said into a headset with his penetrating vision fully on, “Ace of Diamonds, third-floor right-wing; Ace of Spades, go directly to the front lobby of the building; Ace of Clovers, third-floor left-wing; Ace of Hearts, first-floor back door; 12 Earth Kings, move in groups of three; Diamonds, first-floor left elevator; Spades, first-floor right elevator; Clovers, stairway; Hearts, guard the elevator towards the underground base. If defeated, destroy the elevator, you must not allow the enemies to enter the base and steal any secret information.“ (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

“Yes, Sir!”

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