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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 39

Chapter 39: Masters Come from the Ordinary

– Crime Department, Drug Squad –

The dude that had been stopped by Xu Cheng when he was driving while under the influence of cocaine was currently detained in the interrogation room. In front of him sat the calm and beautiful Ran Jing, who had a serious expression on her face.

“The substance level inside your body had seriously exceeded the limit, so just cooperate with us. Where did you get your stuff from? We identified you as being part of East Gate; are you guys involved in drug smuggling and trafficking? If you confess honestly, we will take it under consideration and lower your sentence.”

The drug user in front of her smirked and smiled, “Hey Officer Ran, you don’t need to scare me. I know the law. I’m just in here because I did drugs, and I wasn’t caught selling it to others or making it, so could it be that you will still give me a death sentence? Don’t be like this, I know you guys have been eyeing me for a long time now, but I’m not stupid.”

Ran Jing saw how fearless he was, and her pink fists slammed onto the table.

“Do you believe that you can be taken in for life?” Ran Jing threatened.

The drug user snorted, “Are you threatening me? I have a lawyer, you know? I’m probably just going to be in prison for at most a year or two and then I will be out, I don’t really care.”

After speaking, the drug user directly stood up and walked out from the interrogation room.

Ran Jing gritted her teeth as she stood there. Not long after, her deputy came over and said, “Now that the people from black society all know the law, they aren’t easy to scare anymore.”

Ran Jing sneered and didn’t say a thing.

Just then, her supervisor came in and patted her on the shoulders. “Take it easy, there’s no rush. We didn’t transfer you over to take care of East Gate at once. It’s going to be difficult dealing with this big fish, so we must do it step by step.

Ran Jing nodded and immediately said to her deputy, “Don’t let this guy go or he might give warnings to his accomplices. Before the smuggling case of East Gate is settled, he’s staying here.”

The Deputy Captain: “Got it.”

Ran Jing continued to ask, “Oh right, at the scene of the arrest, you guys mentioned that it was a colleague of another department that saved the kids and arrested the guy. Do you know who he is?”

“I think it’s a colleague from the Riverside police station, his name is Xu Cheng.”


The Deputy Cap: “Cap, you know him?”

Know him? I’m even rooming with him… Ran Jing muttered in her heart.

“Yeah, I think I’ve met him before.”

“Cap, did you watch the surveillance footage we retrieved from the scene?” The deputy captain was a bit interested as he brought it up to Ran Jing.

“What’s there to see?” Ran Jing said carelessly.

“All the other colleagues found it more and more shocking and strange the more they looked at it,” the deputy captain sighed and said.

“Strange?” Ran Jing blinked a few times and said in curiosity, “Let’s go, let me check it out.”

The deputy cap then led Ran Jing to an office and said to a colleague, “Show that strange clip to Captain.”

One of the colleagues working on filing immediately opened a video file and played it.

Ran Jing looked at the surveillance video at the crossroads. The drug user’s sedan took a sharp turn while running a red light and was about to hit a group of elementary school students that were crossing the sidewalk. Then in the video, Xu Cheng pushed away his motorcycle, ran over, and picked up the two kids that were about to get run over by the car.

After seeing this, Ran Jing didn’t find anything strange about it.

“Isn’t this all normal?” Ran Jing asked, a bit confused.

The officer operating the mouse played the video back and then pressed the pause before everything happened. Then, he explained, “Cap, look closely here. The car was about 10 meters away from the kids, and the police officer was 20 meters away. At almost double the distance, under normal circumstances, if the car were to take a sudden sharp turn, how many people could react in time? Even if they could, how many people could outrun a car by almost twice the speed and take the kids to safety before the car crashes into them? This officer was about 20 meters away!”

Having said that, the officer played the whole video again with a video parsing processor, starting from the beginning of the action section.

“This is what it looks like when we slow it by 20 times, take a look again Cap.”

Ran Jing watched the video, and the officer analyzing the footage pointed at Xu Cheng and said, “Look at his feet. Normally, when a video is slowed down 20 times, any fast motion can be clearly visible to the naked eye, unblurred. However, Cap, look, everyone else, including the wheels of the moving cars could be seen clearly, yet this guy’s feet, no matter when I pause the frame, the image I catch is still fuzzy.”

Ran Jing’s eyes narrowed. “Why is that?”

The officer analyzed, “I can only say that even slowing down the footage by 20 times was not enough to clearly capture his rapid pace. In other words, in one second of time, he could make at least 7 to 9 steps.”

Ran Jing: “Is it possible?”

Officer: “Nothing’s impossible. We went to check out the scene, and the other colleagues even tried to simulate the situation to try and match his speed. It was just physically impossible to run over and save the kids within just two seconds. According to the footage, the car was going to hit the kids in 3 seconds, yet this officer only used two seconds to carry the kids to safety. This video is really creepy, and all we can say is that it’s really strange. There’s an old saying that masters come from the ordinary, I really think our little patrol officer here is really hiding his abilities.”

Ran Jing’s eyes lost focus after seeing the video.

At home, Xu Cheng just couldn’t get a f*cking good nap.

It was because Shen Yao would come over every so often to knock on his door. At last, Xu Cheng woke up completely and opened the door. Looking at the woman standing outside of his door, he interrogated, “Are you done?”

She just laughed and said, “Tell me how you won all those rounds last night and I won’t ask for you to return that 200 thousand yuan.”

Xu Cheng just told her straightforwardly, “How else? Just luck.”

“Who are you expecting to trick?” Shen Yao snorted, putting on t the ‘I’m not a three-year-old’ expression and saying as she scanned Xu Cheng up and down, “I bet you were a pro gambler in the past.”

Xu Cheng looked at her and asked, “Are you not going to stop until I give you the answer?”

“I’m someone that’s extremely curious towards everything; if you don’t give me the answer, then I will only want to know it even more,” Shen Yao said determinedly. She was clear with her words – if you don’t tell me, don’t expect to get any sleep.

Xu Cheng took a deep breath, and then he looked at Shen Yao with a face full of seriousness and said, “That’s right, I’m a god of gambling. My ears are capable of hearing everything, even your heartbeat, and my eyes can see through your eyes and look into your soul.”

Shen Yao became a bit agitated “I’m talking to you very seriously.”

Xu Cheng replied, “I’m being serious too. In the past three seconds, your heart beated 5 times.”

Shen Yao was stunned for a second, and then she hesitated and looked at Xu Cheng, who didn’t seem like a god of gambling but a god of bullsh*ting. “Haha, is that right? Then look into my eyes and tell me what you see.”

Xu Cheng took a deep and serious look at Shen Yao, the two staring at each other for a full ten seconds. Then, he slowly said, “There are eye boogers.”

“Go to hell!” Shen Yao slapped Xu Cheng on the arms, and just as she prepared to turn and leave, Xu Cheng said, “During that 10 seconds, your heart rate went up and thumped 25 times, which means, you were getting nervous.”

“You can keep on talking nonsense.” Then, with her back against Xu Cheng, she blushed and said without turning around, “The hearts of women naturally beat more frequently than men’s. The man that can make my heart race hasn’t even been born yet, humph!”

Then, she left as if she was trying to escape.

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