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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 390.1

Chapter 390: Suppressed (Part One)

– Underground base – 

Every area was under video surveillance, and the researchers watched Lucifer on the screen and said to the apprentices behind them, “Did you register the information?”

The apprentices all nodded. “We did. We found that he’s got some device on him that utilizes magnetic fields. It looks like the M Nation guys got a lot of high-tech stuff. This time, the appearance of the 5th Division also revealed some of their technologies.”

“Keep a close eye on this Lucifer, take good notes on him.”

The apprentices all nodded.

The researchers then all looked into the area the Ace of Spades was in.

The Ace of Spades directly walked towards the main lobby of the hospital and saw that there was a masked man standing there.

It was the demon that represented lust – Asmodeus!

When that guy saw the Ace of Spades, he said with a hint of disappointment, “Does the Dragon Division not have any women? Normally, I like to enjoy women, I’ve killed quite a few Eastern women on this trip and got a taste of them. To be honest, I really enjoy the sight of them pitifully begging for my mercy, it’s quite a scene.”

Then, he directly took out a gun and fired at the Ace of Spades.


The iron stick in the Ace of Spade’s hand directly repelled the bullet away. 

Asmodeus wasn’t too surprised. “Not bad, there are only a few in the world that can catch bullets with their bare hands, and you were able to deflect bullets with a weapon, which means you are at least S-class. What card are you?”

“Ace of Spades!” he said with a cold face.

“Woahh!” Asmodeus exclaimed towards the mic that was connected to their intercom, “I’m lucky, I ran into the best of the four Sky Kings, the Ace of Spades! What about you guys/”

Pride – Lucifer: “Ace of Diamonds!”

Greed – Mammon: “Ace of Hearts!”

Sloth – Belphegor: “Ace of Clovers!”

Envy – Leviathan: “Fack, you guys all got the good ones, does that mean we can only stomp noobs now? Belphegor you lazy fack, wanna just leave the Ace of Clovers to me? Let’s switch, and I will give 10% of my share of the commission this time.”

Sloth – Belphegor thought for a second and said, “If you can make it over fast enough, I will consider it.”

Envy – Leviathan: “Very well, coming right over.”

Seeing the Ace of Spades revealing his card, Asmodeus no longer underestimated him. He smiled and said, “Then we can really have a good fight.”

Then, the bullet that was deflected away by the Ace of Clovers suddenly flew out from a corner and began attacking him again.

The Ace of Clovers deflected the bullet again, but that bullet was like a wasp, sticking to him and chasing him as if it had a pair of eyes!

At the underground base, the research scientists were also very shocked. (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

“What’s going on? This bullet can even take turns, there must be some physics principle.” (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

At this time, an apprentice suddenly had this wild idea and said, “Professor, do you think that it would be some kind of tracker? There might be a smart chip installed in the bullet to allow it to track something like a missile. Looking at the iron stick used by Senior Brother Ace of Spades, that chip could possibly begin tracking whatever the bullet comes into contact with.”

The several professors were all taken aback. “This explanation does make sense.” (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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