Chapter 393: The Essence of Shadow Fist (Part One)

Killing intent burst out of Satan’s cold eyes. “Second-generation Dragon King? I think you are the Second-generation Dog King!”

Then he moved, leaving behind a black after-image, dashing forward, and appearing in front of Xu Cheng.

“Move away!” Xu Cheng shouted in a deep voice, and the Dragon Division members behind him immediately moved away. Bei Shan and the other two Sky Kings all charged to the remaining four devils, and both sides began engaging in a fierce battle. 

From the monitoring screen, those substitute team members and other research scientists all couldn’t capture the attacks of the two bosses at all with their naked eyes. From the screen, it was very difficult for them to see exactly what was happening between Xu Cheng and Satan.

Both of them were using Shadow Fist, and after the 58th round, Xu Cheng fell behind by a split second and was kicked in the stomach by Satan. Then, he flew right into the revolving glass door of the building, shattering the door!

This scene resembled a striker suddenly kicking the ball into a net from super far away, and Luo Yi and Li Wei and the others were all shocked.

It turned out that a battle between masters could be this thrilling!

Luo Yi instinctively began searching for Xu Cheng in the crowd, and when he noticed Xu Cheng wasn’t here, he immediately pulled on the corner of Li Wei’s clothes and said, “Did you see Big Brother Cheng?”

Li Wei shook his head. “I haven’t seen him for a while now! When everyone gathered, he was already gone, and now I’m just scared Big Brother Cheng already went out there to fight them already…”

Luo Yi immediately stood up and said, “Crap, we gotta go and save him!”

Li Wei immediately nodded. Just as the two of them stood up, the advisory elder immediately scolded the two of them, “What are you two doing, sit back down!”

Luo Yi clenched his teeth and said, “We need to go and save a friend!”

Li Wei also nodded. “He’s very important to the two of us! Even if we have to die, we will die together!”

“Xu Cheng, right? I know about you three, but you guys can rest assured right now, he’s very safe and you two don’t need to go out. If you go out right now, you will only expose the entrance of the underground base and place all of the data and personnel here at risk!”

Luo Yi and Li Wei were finally dragged back down to their seats by the other senior brothers. Those two said with red eyes, “We already abandoned him once, this time, the three swordsmen must fight together!”

The senior brothers didn’t have the heart to tell them that Xu Cheng was the Dragon King. Before the substitute members were officially admitted into the official 52-card ranking, they weren’t allowed to know who the Dragon King was. It was a very serious topic, and the moment the info on the Dragon King gets leaked, it will be detrimental to the Dragon Division.

From inside the heaps of shattered glass, Xu Cheng blasted out with his knee ready to strike. After Satan captured his speed, he slapped down on Xu Cheng’s knee and neutralized most of Xu Cheng’s power. But, Satan still underestimated Xu Cheng’s explosive strength.

It was three full tons of force, the explosive power was no less than getting hit by a truck. No matter how powerful Satan was, he also lost balance after getting hit by Xu Cheng and flew out.

Xu Cheng seized the opportunity and propelled himself up into the air as well, trying to deliver another kick. After Satan regained his balance in the air, the two were both in the air briefly for a few seconds and already exchanged over 20 attacks!

When both of them landed, Xu Cheng punched forward at Satan’s face, and Satan quickly dodged to the side, grabbed his wrist, and borrowed the momentum to elbow him in the chest. (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

After a deep groan, liquid spewed out from Xu Cheng’s mouth. Satan then struck forward with two palms and landed them on Xu Cheng’s abdomen area. Xu Cheng was sent flying again, and this time he flew out onto the field and hit a basketball net.  (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Satan slowly walked towards and said in disdain, “I learned from the same master as Zhang Chenfeng. Although I don’t know how you learned Shadow Fist, I just want to say, you didn’t learn the essence at all. Using Shadow Fist against me? Where did you get the confidence from? Just take your mask off, you are embarrassing it!”

Xu Cheng suddenly pulled up the basketball net’s pole and swung it over, Satan tried to dodge to the side but was still caught in the slap. Like a tennis ball, he flew very far away and landed on the grass. (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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