Chapter 394: Like-Real-Like-Fake (Part One)

Xu Cheng finally knew why the old man assessed him with that method back when they first met.

In fact, back then, the old man had already laid out the plan for today. He knew that as the successor, Xu Cheng would face the Little Joker’s revenge sooner or later, so he taught Xu Cheng very subtly using the opposite principle.

One must admit that this old man was really a master of Chess! 

And how did the Little Joker grasp the essence of Shadow Fist? Just like Xu Cheng said, he was someone with a strong inferiority complex, and the stronger the person’s feelings of inferiority, the more they would try to escape from their true self. Therefore, he lived his life behind a mask, and he never treated people heart to heart, instead seeing himself as a character that could manipulate and trick everyone. So, he coincidently grasped the true meaning of Shadow Fist, which was creating a visual fantasy! 

This was also why Xu Cheng was at a disadvantage fighting the Little Joker, he kept being tricked by the illusions and no matter how he tried to crack it, he couldn’t beat the Little Joker at all.

But, in fact, most of the movements in the fight were superfluous, just like how Xu Cheng told the old man that he forgot most of the moves. It was because he learned to ignore the complicated moves, because they, in fact, didn’t exist.

Xu Cheng blindfolded his eyes and didn’t watch the Little Joker’s unpredictable movements. He just needed to catch the Little Joker’s real movements.

The Little Joker didn’t sweat at all when he saw that Xu Cheng had seen through him. Rather, he smiled and said, “So what if you cover your eyes? Things won’t get easier for you just because you are blind now.”

After Xu Cheng completely covered his eyes, he stood still there.

Looking at the surveillance footage, everyone in the underground base were all very curious. “What is the Division Master doing? Has he gone mad?”

At that moment, an old research scientist slowly said, “Having lived for so long, sometimes the higher I reach in academics, the more I feel that in this world, not everything you see is real. There’s a good saying, when God closes a door, he will open another.“

Everyone was confused. 

Xu Cheng obviously wouldn’t tell the Little Joker that even though he covered his eyes, he still had his bat ultrasound senses! In addition, who said a piece of cloth could cover up his vision? It was all just for show.

The Little Joker directly kicked up a stone from his feet and sent it to Xu Cheng’s direction. Xu Cheng immediately punched forward and shattered the rock.

“Not bad, your awareness is pretty good, but it’s useless!” Behind the mask, the Little Joker sneered and then picked up three more stones with his feet and kicked them towards the sky, making them land in three different directions around Xu Cheng to interfere with his hearing and awareness.

At the same time as the stones landed, the Little Joker would attack as well.

If Xu Cheng was purely relying on his ears, then indeed, when those three stones land, it would prompt him to mistake them for enemy movements and then anxiously react to it. At that time, the Little Joker would deliver a fatal blow.  (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

When the Little Joker charged over, Xu Cheng pretended to have dodged away from the three stones’ landing locations and the Little Joker landed a solid palm strike on Xu Cheng’s chest. Xu Cheng deliberately took the hit, and he utilized his tortoiseshell patterns to protect his organs from being destroyed. However, not all of the internal damage was prevented, and he flew back a bit as he coughed up blood! (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

“Someone that’s blind will only have ears to rely on. But when the ears are fooled, then he will be a deaf and blind person!” The members in the underground base were all very nervous for their Division Master. It was obvious that Xu Cheng suffered quite a bit of damage from that attack! (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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