Chapter 394: Like-Real-Like-Fake (Part Two)

“Wouldn’t it be better if he just goes full out and fights the Little Joker with everything he got? Blindfolding himself is basically making him into a target that takes free hits! I don’t understand Division Master’s thinking…”

The Little Joker watched as Xu Cheng slowly got back up. There was blood coming out of his mouth and although he had a mask covering his face, blood was still dripping off of his chin; it was clear that he was injured.

“Division Master!” Bei Shan was determined to come back to protect Xu Cheng, but he was suppressed by one of the four devils. Strictly speaking, they wouldn’t be able to beat those people one on one at all, and even though they had 3 Sky Kings and 9 Earth Kings fighting those four devils, the devils still managed it well. It was clear that the overall strength of the Dragon Division was really low, or the Little Joker wouldn’t be confident enough to come back to destroy the Dragon Division. Without Zhang Chenfeng, the Dragon Division indeed lost its prestige. 

No one could come to Xu Cheng’s aid, and the Little Joker just watched as Xu Cheng stood there, struggling to go on. He smiled and said, “You won’t see my illusory attacks after you blindfold yourself, but you also won’t be able to see the real attacks.”

Then, the Little Joker stomped the ground and kicked forward a piece of rock behind Xu Cheng. When the rock landed, Xu Cheng thought the Little Joker was attacking him from behind, so he turned around and stabbed forward!

But, the Little Joker was in fact just standing in the same place, and he was just testing whether Xu Cheng could see. 

A disdainful look appeared on his face. “To have this kind of capabilities at such a young age, you are really a talented prodigy of this generation! It’s just a pity that you got yourself into an abyss with no way back.”

Then, the Little Joker threw his cloak towards Xu Cheng. When the cloak was just about to really surround Xu Cheng’s head and eyes, the Little Joker appeared behind him.

But the Little Joker would never, even in his wildest imaginations, think Xu Cheng could actually see, even with his eyes blocked!

This was really the like-real-like-fake trick that could deceive anyone!

When you think I’m blind because my eyes are blocked, I can still see you! Maybe no one in this world would ever think that there was even a slight possibility that even with my eyes blindfolded, I can still see through you!

Do you tease people with illusions? I tease people with reality! It would be so real that you would have no choice but to believe it!

When Xu Cheng’s head was covered up by the Little Joker’s cloak, normally, a person would instinctively attack towards the direction Little Joker was last at. But, he appeared behind Xu Cheng, and he was about to slap Xu Cheng’s head off of his neck!

Just at that split second, Xu Cheng swiftly lowered his head and dodged that strike.  (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Originally, the Little Joker’s objective was very simple, and it was to quickly take down Xu Cheng. However, just because he had that mentality ready, he didn’t have any preparation to counter any possible counter-attacks. In other words, the Little Joker didn’t believe at all that Xu Cheng could see this palm strike coming! With the two probing attacks just now, Xu Cheng’s actions showed that he couldn’t just use his ears alone and achieve a level of having perfect awareness in his surrounding environment. So, now with the cloak interfering with his hearing even more, Little Joker felt he wouldn’t need to even use any extra distractions and could simply kill him directly. 

But, as Xu Cheng stabbed forward with one hand, his other hand was actually stabbing towards his back! (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)


Little Joker felt a chill in his abdomen; Xu Cheng’s blade had already stabbed through his body! (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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