Chapter 395: Next Time, It Will Be Our Turn! (Part One)

The Little Joker looked at the dagger inside his body in disbelief. As Xu Cheng twisted the blade, blood began leaking out.

Xu Cheng obviously wouldn’t tell the Little Joker that he was just acting for the first two rounds.

The Little Joker wasn’t stupid at all either, so he wouldn’t easily believe that Xu Cheng wouldn’t have any tricks up his sleeves after blindfolding his eyes. So, he tested him twice and he was being careful enough. For the final attack, he even covered Xu Cheng’s entire upper body with his cloak to interfere with anything that Xu Cheng could use to locate him, including Xu Cheng’s ears.

Under all these preconditions, the Little Joker confidently delivered the fatal blow, but Xu Cheng could actually see everything this whole time! He had deliberately put himself into a passive and disadvantaged state, and then immediately turned the tables around!

When the sharp pain came from his abdomen, a painful expression appeared on the Little Joker’s face. He suddenly shouted in anger and the sheer force directly blew Xu Cheng away. And as Xu Cheng flew away, his blade left the Little Joker’s body as well and tore the wound open even more. The Little Joker couldn’t help but stumble a few steps back and almost half-kneeled onto the ground, with one hand covering his abdomen to help stop the blood that was gushing out. 

Xu Cheng also took quite a bit of damage earlier from that palm strike so he fell onto his back. Turning his head around, he smiled at the Little Joker and said, “You deceived the world, but you couldn’t deceive your suspicious mind. You probed me twice, why didn’t you just keep on probing me and kill me that way? When you thought you could kill me the third time, I was also probing you. In fact, you don’t deserve to be a Joker, you are too old; wouldn’t it be better to just live a peaceful retirement life at M Nation? Don’t you know the danger in Huaxia, a country that no mercenaries in the world dare to enter? You actually dared to come back? Then just come back to your roots and stay forever.”

Then, all channels in the entire base opened and more of Dragon Division members began popping up on all sides.

They intended to finish them off when they were severely injured!

When the four remaining demons saw this and looked back to their boss who still couldn’t get back up, they knew he was very badly injured! But, Xu Cheng was also lying down, and both couldn’t put out another strike. It was obvious that both were severely wounded.

The Little Joker bled out too much as the dagger directly penetrated his internal organs, and with his old age, he knew that he had lost most of his fighting power at this time. There was a burning rage in his heart regretting that he couldn’t destroy the Dragon Division with his own hands! He didn’t know how much longer he could live, and he just lost the best opportunity he had! Never did he expect that a new Division Master would emerge!

He roared angrily at the sky!

The four demons directly backed away from the Sky Kings and retreated to the Little Joker’s side, carrying him and fleeing back towards the van.

One of the demons, Belphegor very cleverly rushed towards Xu Cheng, wanting to take his life when he was down. If Xu Cheng could, he would’ve gotten up already, so it was obvious that he was already at his limit and was completely vulnerable.

“Protect the Division Master!”

Bei Shan and the others all blocked in front of Xu Cheng as the three demons carried the Little Joker into the van. (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Belphegor was about to release some poisonous gas and also seize the opportunity to take off Xu Cheng’s mask to see his true identity. Bei Shan was taken aback and he immediately threw himself in, willing to breathe in the poisonous gas himself as he threw Xu Cheng out of there. If the Dragon King’s identity gets exposed, Xu Cheng would be in danger! (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

After seeing that the chance was gone as Xu Cheng was out of range and protected by the Ace of Hearts and the others and that the other demons already started the car and was about to go, Belphegor directly smashed a bottle of poison onto the ground. (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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