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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 395.2

Chapter 395: Next Time, It Will Be Our Turn! (Part Two)

The grey smoke permeated outwards, and Bei Shan immediately jumped out of there too. “The gas is poisonous, everyone back away!”

Bei Shan also stumbled forward a few steps as he landed, white foam began coming out of his mouth since he breathed in a little of the poison. Some members immediately jumped to his side and carried him to safety.

“Get me a sniper rifle!” Xu Cheng struggled to get up and said to the other members.

Very soon, a sniper rifle was brought to Xu Cheng’s hand, and he directly took aim at that van that was still within a kilometer of distance from him. In the scope, he activated his penetrating vision and locked onto the Little Joker’s head. Then, he pulled the trigger. 

A loud bang sounded in the night, and the bullet passed through the air, pierced the bullet of the back window and flew towards Little Joker’s head. Demon Belphegor blocked the bullet with his own body and fell down. 

When Xu Cheng wanted to fire again, the car had already left the effective range.

“Chase after them!” the Ace of Hearts shouted.

Xu Cheng said weakly, “Don’t, just let them go. Even if you guys catch up to them, you won’t be able to beat them, so you would only be courting death! Don’t provoke them anymore, or they might just go all out and do something crazy to the city if they can’t leave anyway. They won’t stay here any longer than they have to. The Little Joker’s severely injured, they would only go back to their base and then make plans for later.”

The Ace of Clovers: “But what if they return again?”

Xu Cheng bitterly laughed. “You think the Little Joker’s immortal? He’s already in his 80s, and since he failed so miserably this time, he already lost his time. Hurry, carry Bei Shan in and treat him!”

After Xu Cheng was carried in, he didn’t allow anyone to touch him anymore, including those doctors and researchers. He was afraid that the secret of his body would be exposed and that he would be treated as a monster. The secret must only be known by himself! The others saw how determined he was so he just let him be and arranged a room for him to rest.

When Xu Cheng got up, it was already midnight. He saw Bei Shan sitting by his window. Xu Cheng’s face was still a bit pale, but he had recovered a bit of his energy.

“How are you doing now?” Xu Cheng asked Bei Shan.

“Just got detoxified, but I still have to stay in the hospital for a few days for observation,” Bei Shan said to him from a wheelchair with an IV drip set up.

Xu Cheng asked again, “What about the Ace of Spades? And the other brothers, were they injured?”

“They were all fine, not dead, just a lot of them were injured and they are recovering well now.” Bei Shan looked at Xu Cheng and asked, “Is the Little Joker strong?”

Xu Cheng nodded. “If we were to compete purely in power, I can stomp him! But this guy’s very witty. In the early stages when we engaged, he noticed that my power is too brutal so he knew to avoid my attacks head-on and unload most of my power before exchanging blows. It was very difficult for me to match his speed though, even at my prime, and I think within a hundred rounds of attacks, he can outpace me and break my defense! His internal force is very strong, and today, if I didn’t follow the routine and use unconventional strategies, I would probably be killed. His actual combat experience is very rich!”

Upon saying this, Xu Cheng rubbed his hair with both hands and said somewhat decadently, “Looks like there are still many masters in this world. Tonight, it was my first time being countered by someone that rolled with my punches and used softness to conquer strength. In the past, I always felt that those with speed and techniques still wouldn’t be my match as I could send them to hell with one brutal punch, but today, I realized that the opponents I fought just weren’t at my level and that was why I could beat them with brute strength. But tonight, this guy’s level is way above me, so he naturally had his ways to counter me.” (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Bei Shan sighed, “As someone that could be the old man’s junior disciple brother, he’s obviously no simple character. But you are still young, just get up from where you fall. You were countered completely because your level in Shadow Fist isn’t as high as him. He’s already 80-years-old, he had practiced it a lot just for this trip back so you obviously couldn’t beat him right now. Don’t feel discouraged.” (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Xu Cheng nodded, and then a glowing gaze burst out of his eyes, “Next time, it will be our turn to run rampant on M Nation’s territory! When I get stronger again, it will be my turn to take a stroll in the 5th Division’s territory. As the saying goes, courtesy demands reciprocity.” (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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  1. Xseph12

    Amazing!!, yet waiting for the next chapter

  2. StormHawk

    I’m gonna take a guess that soldiers in China don’t use guns. I don’t think they can take 50cal guns even as strong martial artist. Or maybe this novel is written before China caught up with world leaders in weaponries.

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