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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 397.2

Chapter 397: The So-Called a Bit of Gain (Part Two)

“That old man didn’t set you guys up? The mission really failed because you guys ran into a master?”

They nodded and said solemnly, “The intel we got is wrong. The Dragon King indeed died half a month ago, and from the original list of members, the Dragon Division really didn’t have a qualified master to take over the position. But who knew a new Dragon King would just appear out of nowhere.”

“How is he? Is he strong?” the other senior officials immediately asked.

The three of them all nodded. “Although we didn’t fight him, that guy’s power is enough to match Boss. Our other four comrades ran into him, and three of them were killed by him with one move within a split second! I even saw him throw a card to cut through Mammon’s throat and take his life! Boss might be a match for him, but we definitely aren’t! I think this guy’s probably at least SSS class!” 

The officials all looked at each other. “That’s impossible, for the top five grandmasters on the Sky Ranking of the underground world, besides the deceased Dragon King,  Satan, the Pope, the King of the South African Mercenaries, and the retired British Fencing Duke, who else is SSS class? Over the years, the Sky Ranking didn’t update at all as to who broke past the SSS rank.”
The three demons shook their heads. “We aren’t too sure too. All in all, this guy’s really powerful, and at certain instances, the aura he was exuding felt even more powerful than Boss’s!”

The minister sunk into silence. Then, he asked, “Do we have information on this guy?”

The three of them shook their heads again. “When retreating, Belphegor went over to try and pull off his mask, but we don’t know if he succeeded or not.”
“Where’s Belphegor?”

The three of them lowered their heads. “Dead. We left Huaxia as soon as we could, and our doctors couldn’t successfully rescue him before he succumbed to his wounds! That new Dragon King originally wanted to shoot Satan with a sniper rifle, and we didn’t realize that he could be so accurate. Belphegor noticed it at the last second and blocked for Satan, and the bullet went right through his chest!”

“He is definitely a pro marksman. With those skills, even if he’s not SSS-class, he would be at least SS-class, and I think only a few mercenary group leaders in the South Africa region have this level of capabilities. But, those guys are so prideful that they definitely wouldn’t join Huaxia. So, this guy’s identity is still a mystery, not even Satan knows who he is.”

The other high-level officials asked, “Then did you confirm the location we hit is the underground research base of Dragon Division?” 

The three of them nodded. “Very likely, because it was important enough for the Dragon Division to reveal themselves and defend even with their Dragon King. But, we likely frightened them now, and I’m afraid that they will relocate. This time, I think we really suffered a double loss.”

The minister loudly cursed, “Facking dogs–t! This time, we basically revealed the strength of our 5th Division soldiers to Huaxia, and we didn’t get anything in return. Your operation also exposed the technology we have, and not only did you guys not manage to gain anything from it, you also wasted all the effort we spent on trying to locate their military research base! Fack!” 

The three demons said, “Sir, in fact, we actually didn’t have no gain at all. We found that right now, only that Dragon King character is very scary, but if he dies, the other Sky Kings and the rest are all garbage! They don’t stand a chance against us at all! This is a big gain too.” (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

The minister immediately scolded right back with saliva spraying everywhere, “You want me to tell the president about this gain?? Tell him that, hey, the Dragon Division is just a bunch of garbage, but we still lost four out of the seven elites that we sent, and even Satan was heavily injured?” (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

The three demons all squeezed out a bitter smile.  (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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