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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 398.1

Chapter 398: Lin Chuxue Got Shot (Part One)

Before dawn, Xu Cheng had already woken up. He hurriedly left the Dragon Division’s base. Of course he hadn’t fully recovered. His internal organs all almost shifted places and he coughed up a lot of of blood. After that fight, he directly lost the ability to fight, how could he recover right away? But, he couldn’t show it, because if he showed that he wasn’t fine, then he would be forced to get a check up by the doctors, and those scientists might find out about the secrets of his body. This had always been on Xu Cheng’s mind. His secret must not be revealed, or he might be studied like a monster.

Although the genes in his body made him very powerful, it also brought him a lot of worries. First of all, he couldn’t just see doctors so liberally, and there was still no doctor he could fully trust yet. The other thing was, no matter how bad his injuries in the past were, he painfully endured all of it and recovered by himself. He didn’t know what would be the end of the road for the constant self-recovery. Before he could completely understand his body and know all the side effects, Xu Cheng didn’t even dare to touch his gorgeous wife.

Sigh, and that was the most painful and agonizing part. His wife Lin Chuxue was probably also very confused, and she might even suspect if there was something wrong with Xu Cheng’s body. Otherwise, how could he be able to resist and not make a move in front of such a beautiful girl? It might even be making Lin Chuxue question her own charm. 

Xu Cheng was scared that if the virus or mutated genes in his body infect Lin Chuxue, the genetic structure of her cells will be destroyed immediately since her body wasn’t as strong as Xu Cheng’s.

Sigh, indeed, nothing comes free.

After Xu Cheng got off the plane, he directly called a cab and went to a 5-star hotel with good privacy and hurriedly locked the door. Then, he went into the washroom and began taking off clothes as he waited for the water to fill the tub.

After the tub was filled, Xu Cheng desperately submerged himself into the water completely. With his hands around his knees, he put his head under the water too and just stayed there. 

The water actually felt like it was alive as it agilely infiltrated the billions of pores of his body to repair his damaged internal organs and genes! 

Of course, Xu Cheng didn’t notice it himself. But when he sank into the tub, his whole body felt as if it was relieved. The internal pain finally got alleviated and brought some color back to his pale face. This feeling was very much like when he was injured back in Britain, where Jacob accidentally spilled water onto him and allowed him to speedily recover. 

Xu Cheng leaned in the bathtub and felt much better. He opened his eyes and looked up at the sky, and he raised his hand and looked at it in confusion. At this time, the water had, as if, lost its spirit, but Xu Cheng could still remember the feeling of desperately looking for a source of water in his subconsciousness.

Xu Cheng did a bold move. He bit his index finger and blood began coming out. At this moment, he made the shocking discovery that the water molecules were actually beginning to climb up from his chest, up his arm, and towards that finger. Then, the water molecules covered up the wound, and Xu Cheng just watched in shock as this happened, in utter disbelief. 

His wound was recovering at an extremely quick speed, and the only unfortunate thing was that he couldn’t recover the blood that was lost, so he was still feeling a bit exhausted. However, all internal and external injuries could be repaired really quickly. 

This discovery was enough to make Xu Cheng ecstatic, and now he just didn’t know to what degree the water molecules could cure his injuries. But this still allowed Xu Cheng to hold off on finding a doctor.  (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

He wondered if it was the water bear gene’s characteristics or the sea turtle’s characteristics that made him crave for water so much. (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Thinking about sea turtles, he felt like how he just urgently looked for water was very similar to a sea turtle digging itself out of the sand and trying desperately to get into the ocean. He felt like he should do something to test out this bold theory of his, so he took a breath and sunk his head back into the bathtub. (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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