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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 399.1

Chapter 399: Wrath (Part One)

Xu Cheng just realized a big problem! Just now, Bei Shan said the assassins had been tracking him at his condo area. They must’ve found out about his relationship with Lin Chuxue!

Xu Cheng picked up the phone, immediately called Bei Shan, and started yelling, “How did you guys do the security work?! My wife got shot, do you know that?!”

The other end went silent for a brief moment. “If we didn’t do a good job, your wife would already be dead now.”

Xu Cheng: “How is she right now?”

Bei Shan sighed, “She’s in the ER. Although the wound wasn’t fatal, she lost quite a bit of blood.”

“Those Wei Nation [email protected]!” Xu Cheng’s eyes were bloodshot. “I’m going to destroy them!”

As Xu Cheng said that, he began running out of the door.

“Don’t be reckless, it’s very dangerous to go to Wei Nation!”

“Even if it’s dangerous, I’m still going to kill every single one of those people that were involved! You listen carefully, if something were to happen to my woman, I won’t give a fack about the Dragon Division! If I can’t even protect my own woman, how can I still protect the country? This time, the Dragon Division really disappointed me. Get someone to come over and clean up the corpses here. These guys have really touched my bottom line this time!”

Then, he directly hung up and put on some clothes. He was furious!

Bei Shan also immediately jumped out of the bed and pulled out the needles.

Doctor: “What are you doing? Lay back down.”

“If I lay for longer, then sh-t’s really going to hit the fan!” Bei Shan immediately rushed out of the door and got someone to get a car ready.

There were indeed people he arranged to protect Lin Chuxue, but the assassins this time were pretty capable and weren’t easy to deal with at all, so the accident happened. He could understand that Xu Cheng was mad, but Xu Cheng’s wrath made Bei Shan very worried. 

On the way to the hospital, seeing the worried look on Bei Shan’s face, the J of Diamonds said, “With the resources we have at the capital, she should be fine. Senior Brother, don’t be too nervous.”

“I’m nervous about Xu Cheng going berserk! I understand him too well! In this world, you can touch anyone but Lin Chuxue. Too many things had happened recently, and he just lost his mother. He only has his wife left, and at this time, someone even dared to try to assassinate her. Sh-t is really hitting the fan this time!”

The J of Diamonds might not know Xu Cheng too much, so he said without much worry, “These assassins deserve to die. Since they dared to enter Huaxia, they should be prepared to get killed. They really got big balls, I don’t know how much they were paid to do this. Whatever, just let Xu Cheng vent his anger on those guys.”

Bei Shan looked at the hospital that was approaching in the distance and said, “I’m not scared about these assassins getting all killed, I’m scared that he will go to Wei Nation and take out the entire financial group!” (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Right now, Lin Chuxue was Xu Cheng’s bottom line. If there were two purposes to his life, it was to get revenge for his dad, and to protect Lin Chuxue and give her happiness. Now that the first thing was done, then Lin Chuxue was everything to Xu Cheng now. He already tried his best to keep a distance from Lin Chuxue, but who knew she would still become the collateral target. If something were to happen to his woman, then even if he could climb to the top of the world in this lifetime, it would still be meaningless. He didn’t want to live his life in regret like that old man Zhang Chenfeng. (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

“Since you guys want to play with fire, then I will burn you to death!” A sharp murderous intent flashed past Xu Cheng’s face.

Outside the room, the assassins were coming right at him from around the corner. Right at the corner, Xu Cheng grabbed the neck of the first guy that ran over and broke it immediately. Then, throwing the dead body to the side, he covered his face with one hand, blocking all the bullets coming at him. (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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