Chapter 399: Wrath (Part Two)

Rage was burning fiercely in Xu Cheng as he grabbed onto the wrist of one killer that was shooting at him and directly broke it. The bone even popped out of the skin, and the killer miserably cried as Xu Cheng kicked him in the chest, sending him into a wall. Grabbing his gun, he aimed at the two guys behind him and headshot both of them!

The bullets were used up, so Xu Cheng directly threw his gun away, and then he appeared in front of the remaining killers like a ghost. Simple and brutal, he punched one guy in the chest and sent him flying to the other end of the corridor.

The two remaining assassins directly took out dagger, but Xu Cheng just grabbed onto each of them by the wrist, breaking them immediately. He was too lazy to interrogate them, so he threw both of them to the other end of the corridor, sending them into the wall and making a loud noise.

All killers, instantly dead!

Xu Cheng went right into the elevator, too lazy to clean up the dead bodies. At this point, he just wanted to go to the hospital and check on how Lin Chuxue was doing. After walking out of the hotel, he saw a car without a license plate parked across the street. With his penetrating vision, he could see the gun on the driver’s waist, so he knew the guy was part of the group. Xu Cheng went up to knock on the window, and the killer didn’t bother looking at him, just gesturing for him to go away, not wanting to be disturbed.

But, with a loud bang!

The window glass was shattered right away as the punch went right to the head of the assassin. His neck swung to the side violently, and this homie passed away too.

After pulling open the driver door, he tossed the killer’s dead body to the back of the seat like throwing out a bag of trash, and he drove right to the hospital.

In the corridor outside of the emergency operating room, Auntie Lan was pacing back and forth nervously. When Xu Cheng walked over, Auntie Lan sobbed and said, “It was my fault, I couldn’t protect Young Madam…”

Xu Cheng looked at the operating room and asked her, “How is Chuxue right now?”

“She took two shots and bled all over the ground… When she was transported here, her whole face was pale and almost scared me to death! Right now I still don’t know what the situation is…” Auntie Lan looked completely lost too. “We were preparing to go back to Shangcheng, but Young Madam said she wanted to see you again before going back. She couldn’t reach you by phone so she was worried about you and we stayed one more night at the hotel. In the morning, after going down for breakfast, she was attacked. Luckily someone pushed the assassin away in time and fought him off. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have even made it to the hospital… Young Master, it was all my fault, I shouldn’t have brought her to Yanjing for business, or we wouldn’t have run into something like this.”

Speaking of this, there was burning rage on Auntie Lan’s face as she said angrily, “I will definitely find out who is behind this! And I will make them pay!”

“Auntie, you won’t be able to take care of this. It was all my fault!” Xu Cheng looked at the red light of the operating room in guilt, and then he leaned against a wall and looked down.

When Bei Shan and the J of Diamonds rushed over, before they could even talk, Xu Cheng already grabbed onto Bei Shan by the collar and smashed him against the wall! 

Bei Shan almost coughed up blood, and that was even after Xu Cheng controlled his power.

“What are you doing?” The J of Diamonds was worried for Bei Shan and came over to pull onto Xu Cheng, but Xu Cheng grabbed him as well and tossed him to the side.

Both of them were coughing violently, Xu Cheng walked over and interrogated with a dark face, “This is called she’s fine? These days, I’ve been working my azz off for the Dragon Division, what was the point? And what happened? You guys just found some incompetent guys to protect my woman? If you guys would tell me beforehand that you can’t protect her, then I wouldn’t have gone too far away from her and kept on coming here to help you guys out! Do you still remember what you told me before? Trust!” (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Bei Shan didn’t plan to fight back. He just kept on coughing as he admitted his mistake, “You can punish me however you want as long as you can calm down. This time, it’s my fault, I failed you!” (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

“You tell me how I can be calm?” Xu Cheng’s eyes were bloodshot. “You know me, you know what Chuxue means to me. In the past, I was willing to go against the entirety of Britain for her. But what happened? She was almost killed on our own turf, don’t you find that ironic? The Dragon Division, is this how they do intel and security details?” (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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