Chapter 405: Someone’s Screwed (Part One)

Solo’s dagger swept towards Xu Cheng’s claw.

Xu Cheng just ignored the dagger. As long as the opponent didn’t have extremely strong internal force like the Little Joker, as well as the dagger being nothing special, something like this had no chance of penetrating his tortoise shell.

When Xu Cheng’s hand reached for the dagger and the blade crossed his palm, it didn’t leave a cut on his hand at all. Even the dagger itself was caught by Xu Cheng’s hand and instantly shattered as Xu Cheng tightened his grip!

Shocked, Solo immediately retreated, trying to maintain a distance he thought would be safe enough that would allow him to flee at any moment.

He looked at Xu Cheng, confused, and said, “What grudge do you have against me? Why you gotta come over here and try to kill me man…”

Xu Cheng said expressionlessly, “Tell me who put the bounty on my head. It’s either he dies, or you die for him! You can choose.”

Solo groaned. He gritted his teeth and said, “I want to try and run away.”

“You can’t.” Right as Xu Cheng finished, he appeared right in front of Solo. The latter’s face immediately changed; holy crap the disparity in power was really too big…

Originally, he thought that with the safe distance, he could at least run away. But who knew Xu Cheng could arrive before him within the blink of an eye! Of course Solo was shocked!

One had to know that he was a SS-class master himself, and it could be said that other than the top five legendary masters in this world, he was one of the top fighters. It could even be said that if one of the top five legends dies, he could ascend in rank and replace them! 

If Xu Cheng was one of the SS-class fighters, he would know for sure because there were only 20 or so of them in this world! 

But it was because Xu Cheng wasn’t on the Sky Ranking, that was why the Assassin Alliance allowed the bounty to be placed onto Xu Cheng’s head and registered it into the system. If they knew he was someone of the SS-class or even higher, the Assassin Alliance wouldn’t post this mission at all. Afterall, other than him, there really wasn’t anyone in the Assassin Alliance that could finish this mission, so why the fack would they post it?

“You should be on the Sky Ranking, why didn’t you say it earlier so we can cancel this mission right away?” Solo said nervously as he tried to escape the blame. It was because he felt that the brutal force from Xu Cheng’s claw earlier was even enough to break through the sound barrier and to be honest, he didn’t want to deal with that. 

After dodging three attacks from Xu Cheng, Xu Cheng was already losing patience and started using Shadow Fist. Within just two moves, Solo got hit by a punch in the chest and flew right into a car on the roadside. He coughed up blood as he kneeled. The car windows behind him were completely shattered.

When Xu Cheng walked over towards him, Solo took the initiative and attacked.

As an assassin, the scariest thing about him wasn’t how powerful he was, but the fact that his understanding of the human body had reached a terrifying degree. As the king of assassins, even if he had no weapon in his hand, he could still kill people, even with a piece of hair or his fingernails. With his thorough understanding of the weakness of every single joint and part of the human body, his killing efficiency was very high. 

But, what he would never expect in a million years was that Xu Cheng’s body was as tough as the aerospace aluminum alloy used in building spaceships. When he tried to sink his nails into the muscles behind Xu Cheng’s neck, he realized that it was his fingers that began bleeding.

Solo immediately changed his hand into the shape of a blade and planned on striking the back of Xu Cheng’s head to hit his nerve center. For an average person, as long as he put enough force behind this strike, the target would die instantly. 

However, towards Xu Cheng, Solo noticed that his hand felt as if it struck a big piece of iron, and the bones inside his hand almost broke. (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Xu Cheng grabbed Solo’s wrist right away and with a 180-degree-turn, he threw Solo out gracefully like a baseball. From the roadside car, Solo was thrown back into the store. (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

As the glass shattered and window broken, Solo’s face and body were covered in glass shards. When Xu Cheng walked in, he was already panting pitifully on the ground as he looked at Xu Cheng, putting his hands up and waving for Xu Cheng to stop coming toward him. (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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