Chapter 406: You Have Stories, I have Alcohol (Part One)

Up until now, the Sanko Group had reached the era of its third-generation leader, and it had been able to thrive on the illegal businesses of prostitution, gambling, and drugs! Sometimes, even when these things were banned in some countries, there could still be organizations that thrive running these businesses, not to mention the Sanko Group which was located in the Wei Nation, which actually openly allowed and supported the existence of triad societies. 

The current annual revenue of the Sanko Group was definitely not low, reaching the scale of billions of dollars and still growing, as their organization kept on expanding in people as well.

Why do the faces of people change when the Sanko Group was mentioned? It was because the organization had the support of the government. Every year, about 10% of the Wei Nation’s GDP was swallowed by the Sanko group, and of course, the government had their back, allowing them to establish branches in most of the cities. Its members reached millions in scale without exaggeration, and the organization itself had deeply rooted itself into the country. Credits where they are due, they were indeed very good with their methods of establishing a good mutually-benefiting relationship with the government, as a huge proportion of that 10% of GDP would naturally flow into the pocket of the politicians. 

The Sanko Group also needed the underground money house’s help on cash flow, so it wasn’t strange that they would help the Shanling Financial Group to deal with Xu Cheng.

It was actually not hard to find people of the Sanko Group. In the Wei Nation, tattoos were a form of art, and the Sanko Group members usually all had the same pattern of tattoos. 

At a well-known street in the red-light district in Xinsu, Xu Cheng, in his silicone mask, had arrived with his hands in his pocket. Stepping on the damp ground, he walked slowly on the bustling street. On the side, there were rows of women in various kimonos making all kinds of poses and trying to get business, but Xu Cheng wasn’t interested at all.

His goal for coming to this place was simple, and it was to find the core members of the Sankou group. This was the area they usually came to look for fun at, so it probably wouldn’t be hard to get someone and then find Cunzhong Tailong through them.

Xu Cheng came to the entrance of a very luxurious dance club. He checked before, the patrons of this club were usually of the upper-society, and immediately, a female manager came out and greeted him.

“I heard this red light district’s quite famous in the Wei Nation, but why is it that I haven’t seen any good girls at all on the streets?” Xu Cheng said in English.

The Wei Nation was an international metropolis, so it wasn’t surprising that the manager here could understand English and speak just enough for the English guests to understand.

“Honorable guest, you must’ve come to our country for our culture, right? We have everything here, baby-face with big br–sts, maids, SM, as long as you are fine with the price, you will definitely be able to find someone you are satisfied with.”

“I want VIP service, money isn’t a problem. Don’t just find me some random women. If possible, get me someone young. I want the exciting type, do you get what I mean?” Xu Cheng said as he stuffed a tip into her hands.

The female manager immediately smiled. “Please follow me, Sir, I will take you to the VIP area.”

“The so-called young and exciting type is basically r-pe. The women for this service are typically unwilling to serve.” 

Xu Cheng followed her through several courtyards. Behind the dance club were all kinds of high-quality resting areas, each an independent small yard with a hot spring serving guests. Xu Cheng used his penetrating vision and checked out the guests around, and there were many people with tons of tattoos, showing their status in the underground world.  (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

With the service of a maid, Xu Cheng took off his shoes and sat on the bamboo steps, looking at the sakura tree ahead and the steamy hot spring. Not long after, a so-called high-level companion slowly walked over and knelt in front of Xu Cheng. (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Xu Cheng looked down at her and said, “Look up.” (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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