Chapter 407: Taking Lives Like Mowing Lawn (Part One)

In a separate courtyard, inside the big bath, three men and three women were enjoying themselves.

When Xu Cheng came in wearing a kimono, the three women weren’t really surprised, as they even thought he was here to look for these three big brothers.

Instead, it was the three men that narrowed their eyes, looked at Xu Cheng, and asked, “Who are you?”

One guy massaged his own neck as he said, “If you came into the wrong room, you can just apologize and get the fack out.”

They thought that since they were showing their tattoos, most guests would be scared and move out of their way when they see it.

Xu Cheng just went over and asked, “Excuse me, are you guys people of the Zhuji Group, Chuandao Group, or Sanko Group?”

The three of them looked at each other as they heard Xu Cheng was speaking English, indicating that they couldn’t understand.

Looking at the three companions that were responsible for massaging them, Xu Cheng asked, “Who knows English, translate what I said for them.”

Since they got a lot of international guests here, the female companions all knew some English but they were a bit reluctant to translate his question.

“What did he say?”

One of the companions hesitated and then cautiously said, “He wishes to know if the three big brothers are people of the Sanko Group, Zhuji Group, or Chuandao Group.”

The three Sanko Group members were immediately furious. “Those pieces of garbage of Zhuji and Chuandao can be compared to us? Tell him, we are from the Sanko Group, and if he came into the wrong courtyard, then he can just kneel, apologize, and get the fack out!”

The female companion proudly said to Xu Cheng, “Sir, your words just now offended these three gentlemen. They are members of the Sanko Group, so they told you to kneel and apologize before you are allowed to leave.”

Xu Cheng lightly smiled. “It’s not like I haven’t seen anyone from Sanko, I know quite a few guys there too.”

The companion sneered. “Perhaps your vision isn’t well, these three sirs are all high up in rank in the Sanko Group, you should lower your volume when you speak, or these three will really give you a tough time.”

“What is he saying?” The three men saw that Xu Cheng was having a conversation with their companion and were curious.

The female companion immediately put on a smile and said, “He said he also knows some people from the Sanko Group and said he’s not afraid of you masters.”

“Humph!” One of them snorted, “Ask him who he knows!”

“Who do you know?” the companion curiously asked. 

Xu Cheng proudly said, “Mr. Chunzhong Tailang.”

The companion’s face drastically changed, and she stuttered as she translated the message to those three men, “H-he said, he knows Master Cunzhong Tailang!”

When those three heard that name, which belonged to their direct higher-up, their faces also slightly changed. But in front of these three female companions, they also didn’t want to lose face, and they said with a bit of disbelief. “Who knows if it’s true or not, maybe this guy only heard of Master Cunzhong but Master Cunzhong never heard of him! Ask him, is it true or not?”

The woman nodded, looked at Xu Cheng, and asked, “Sir, if you lie, you will die a horrible death.”

Xu Cheng directly looked at those three men, laughed, and said, “Perhaps you guys have Mr. Cunzhong Tailang’s number. Call him, I will talk to him.”

The companion relayed Xu Cheng’s words to the three members of the Sanko Group.

The three of them exchanged a look, and they obviously weren’t stupid enough to fall for it. If it wasn’t true, then their call would disturb Master Cunzhong and probably get themselves some verbal abuse. 

“Tell him, since he knows, then let him call with his own phone.”

The companion passed the message to Xu Cheng.

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