Chapter 409: Massacre (Part One)

Xu Cheng suddenly stopped in place. Upon seeing this, one of Cunzhong Tailang’s confidants put on a devious smile. “Move? Why did you stop moving? You can try to move again. The more you move, the closer our blades will be to you.”

Xu Cheng suddenly came forward and grabbed the confidant that was talking by the wrist, took the blade from his hand, and placed it by his neck.

There was a bit of an uproar in the crowd. 

This minion of Cunzhong wasn’t worried at all about Xu Cheng killing him at all. There were so many people here, so if this intruder didn’t want to die, he had no choice but to obey.

The confidant suddenly burst out laughing wildly, not scared like a hostage should be at all. He said to Xu Cheng, “You want to use me as a bargaining chip to save yourself? Let me tell you, after you step foot in here, don’t even think about just leaving so easily. It’s useless even if you use me to threaten our boss.”

“Who said anything about using you?” Xu Cheng nonchalantly said, and he swung the katana, immediately chopping off an arm from this guy. 

“AHHH!” This confidant of Cunzhong didn’t expect at all that Xu Cheng would make such a bold move. Seeing his whole arm on the ground, he cried out due to the extreme pain. 

70 to 80 swords all slashed forward, and the sword in Xu Cheng’s hand, powered by his insane strength, basically became a lawnmower!

A blade’s power was dependent on the wielder’s strength, and if it was just an ordinary guy with average power, the blade would probably stop at the bone. But if the sharp blade was in the hands of someone with greater power, the blade could chop through the bones all together, such as an entire arm.

And with Xu Cheng’s explosive force, when he swung the katana, there was no force that could rival his at all. Wherever the blade travels past, let it be a waist, leg, or arm in the way, the moment it came into contact with the blade, it would be chopped into halves swiftly, like a lawnmower cutting grass.

So, wherever Xu Cheng’s katana traveled past, flesh and bone shards flew everywhere. Even when those guys tried to use their blades to block, the blades would be brutally shattered, flying away along with the wielder’s head or arms.

With one swing, 12 people fell to the ground, with 6 of them headless and the other six being cut straight across the chest.

The people standing behind them all got blood splattered onto them, and when they saw their comrades in front of them all falling down, they all stepped back in big steps in horror. 

After Xu Cheng slashed to the right, he chopped down more members of the Sanko Group surrounding him on the left. 

The blade flew past, leaving clean cuts everywhere.

Whether they be blades or people or bones, nothing was able to stand after the blade traveled through them. The scene was extremely bloody and brutal. Although they were all swords of similar quality, the one in Xu Cheng’s hand appeared like some godly weapon, chopping through everything like it was chopping tofu, there was just no counter at all!

When Xu Cheng slashed at the opponents, the injuries weren’t about opening cuts or whatnot, but a human body splitting into halves!

Cunzhong Tailang’s confidant looked as if he just saw a ghost! He witnessed many of his comrades’ heads and body parts falling down in waves, as if Xu Cheng wasn’t cutting people but mowing the lawn! 

Those people that charged at Xu Cheng no longer looked like fierce devils, but more like moths charging at the fire. No matter how many came at Xu Cheng, they were all swallowed alive by the fire that was Xu Cheng.

The whole yard had a bloody stench, and there were already more than 40 guys that were chopped up beyond recognition, all their body parts piled up in circles around Xu Cheng.  (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Noticing that the remaining thugs were all terrified and didn’t dare to charge up again while his own body and face were covered by other people’s blood, Xu Cheng looked at Cunzhong’s confidant who he was still grabbing onto, and he sneered, “Are you scared?” (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Right now, this homeboy had already pissed his pants. (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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