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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 410.2

Chapter 410: Godlike (Part Two)

The woman lowered her head awkwardly. Then, stuttering, she said, “My name is Songdao Laizi. Sir, how should I address you?” 

Xu Cheng didn’t say anything. He put the cap back and went to the street to get a cab.

Behind him, Songdao Laizi bitterly smiled, a bit disappointed. She was very conflicted, and the curiosity in her was stronger than her fear. In the Wei Nation, women had a very low status, and most of them admired powerful men. So, being able to rely on a powerful man or becoming his woman would be their fortune and happiness. However, Laizi had been very independent and domineering since she was young, and she attained a very high degree of education. She always thought that she could change her destiny, but she was simply powerless in front of this kind of societal trend. The more domineering she was, the more hate she got, even from her family, and when her dad’s gambling got out of hand and put them in debt with the Sanko Group, the family pushed her into the pit to help pay back the debt, forcing her to lower her head to destiny to make money by serving men.

Songdao Laizi always felt that she would never truly lower her head to another man, but now, ever since she met Xu Cheng, she felt like she was simply a weak woman! Like other women, she subconsciously began admiring him and wanted to rely on him, but unfortunately, Xu Cheng wouldn’t even look at her directly and was too lazy to speak to her unless necessary. 

Ever since that night, Laizi’s mood had never been this down. Thinking that Xu Cheng was only using her as a tour guide, she felt very frustrated and defeated!

Xu Cheng stopped their conversation because he didn’t want to give his name to Laizi, and in Laizi’s mind, it was a contemptuous rejection, a disdainful attitude from the strong to the weak. And the more it was like this, the more women felt this kind of man was worth entrusting their lives to.

The two of them ended up renting a private car and drove to the location Xu Cheng pointed to on the map.

Outside a large villa complex, the car stopped and Xu Cheng said to Songdao Laizi, “This card is for you.”

Xu Cheng gave her another bank card with no name on it.

“You can leave now,” Xu Cheng said after he got out of the car.

Laizi took the bank card, looked at him, and said, “Then don’t you need someone to pick you up after you are done?”

“No, your mission is done, you can leave now. I might not make it out after going in, but I might also come out. If you want to wait, then I don’t mind, but I won’t give you extra pay after this.”

Then, Xu Cheng turned around and left, walking towards the private area of villas backed by the sea.

Songdao Laizi looked at Xu Cheng’s back, and for a moment, she fell into a daze. This man had no expression on his face and one couldn’t see the slightest emotion, but through this whole journey, he had been strange yet powerful! This kind of man was very attractive to her, and that kind of aloof charisma made Laizi’s panties drop all the way down to the other side of Earth.

His back image was like that of a hero in the legends, although faced with a powerful financial group as a foe, the seemingly relatively insignificant man just headed forward without the slightest hesitation as if the giant beast ahead couldn’t stop his powerful heart at all. 

Laizi’s hands tightly held onto the steering wheel, and she looked out of the window at Xu Cheng, hesitating whether she should wait or not. Maybe she should think of this journey as a dream and just let it end, yet she also really hoped that Xu Cheng could come out alive to prove the legend.

She really liked this saying, “He was nameless, and he came from a nameless place, yet everywhere he went, all living beings would bow down to him as the king! (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

This was also why Laizi was particularly curious about Xu Cheng. In her heart, she felt that Xu Cheng was the legendary god of the sky, mysterious, powerful, and disdainful towards everything! (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

She really just wanted to serve such a man! (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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