Chapter 411: As I Said, This Place Will Become a Slaughter House (Part Two)

The guard that sat beside Xu Cheng glanced at him and said, “You stupid?”

“Nope, I’m looking for Shanling Jiubao. Whoever stands in my way, I will kill him!”

“You can’t even get past us, and you want to see him? Why don’t you kill me first then?” The guard scoffed in disdain and said, “You aren’t from the Wei Nation, where are you from? Who’s your boss?”

Xu Cheng suddenly broke free from the cuffs and grabbed onto this guy’s head and smashed it against the car. Then, he brutally kicked another guard in the chest as he was about to pull out his gun. That guy flew right out of the car and died with an opening in his chest. Xu Cheng threw a punch at another guy and knocked him unconscious right away, and the driver immediately got his neck snapped by Xu Cheng from behind. 

The car staggered to the side of the road and came to a stop. He looked at the guard that he smashed against the car and sneered, “I told you, I will kill whoever that stands in my way.” Then, he spat on him and broke his neck.

The other car that drove in front saw this one had stopped and immediately tried to do a three-point turn to drive back and check. Seeing this, Xu Cheng directly took control of the driver’s seat and stepped on the gas, driving right into the side of the other car as it was making the turn.

The windows of that car all shattered, and the people inside were all temporarily stunned from the violent impact and the glass shards grazing past their bodies. 

Xu Cheng coolly walked out of the car and towards the other car that had begun smoking from the engine. The guy in the driver’s seat woke up first, but Xu Cheng quickly jogged over and simply and brutally threw a punch at the guy’s face, sending the glass shards that were already on his face straight into his skull.

Then, he took out the gun in that guy’s inner pocket and shot at the other guards inside the car that was slowly regaining consciousness.

Then, Xu Cheng saw three more guard cars drive out towards him, and he immediately got back into the car and began taking off his clothes.

Among the reinforcements, the head of security and other elite guards all hurried over to check on the situation, and when they got out of their cars and approached to check out the two security cars that crashed into each other, they were quite shocked to find all of their colleagues dead inside the ruined cars.

And then, one of the guards saw that there was a pile of clothes in the car, and just when he was trying to figure out where those clothes could have come from, he suddenly felt his world spinning. His spine clicked, and his eyes blackened as he fell to the ground. 

The other guards saw their colleague falling down mysteriously so they subconsciously aimed towards his direction, but they noticed that there was nothing there, and there were no gunshots. A guard hurried over to check out the situation, and he shockingly found that his colleague’s neck was broken.

Just then, this guard that came over to check also had his neck broken. 

The others began panicking right away, and when they were completely lost, the 15 guards began having their neck twisted with their chins up one after another, and they all fell to the ground, one by one.

It was just the security captain, who had a slightly different uniform, that was left. He began shooting randomly at the air around him, and when he picked up his walkie-talkie and wanted to say something, the walkie-talkie was grabbed out of his hand by something and became suspended in the air.

Then, his hand that was holding the gun seemed to be lifted by some mysterious force, and the security captain was completely shocked. Some unrivaled force was grabbing his hand to slowly aim the gun at his own head! (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

He immediately tried to use his other hand to push away the gun, but he really didn’t stand a chance against that inexplicable force. And due to him trying his hardest to resist, even his wrist was broken. (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

A faint voice that came from the air said, “As I said, this place will become a slaughterhouse!”

Then, he finished the job and walked towards the group of villas.  (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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