Chapter 416: Completely Confident (Part One)

As for the hundred-death incident that took place in North Sea Path, what happened to the Shanling Financial Group shook the entire Wei Nation and caught attention worldwide.

When watching the news, Bei Shan sighed, and beside him, the J of Diamonds also let out a sigh. “Our little brother is in trouble!”

“I just hope that he can come back safely. He might be expelled from the military, but it’s better than being dead,” Bei Shan said.

As the leader of the Dragon Division, he didn’t abide by the rules, and with the sensitive identity of the Dragon King, he failed to have a positive influence and directly broke laws. If one could easily break laws across the border when no direct order was given, he would basically be an S-class international criminal, and as the Dragon King, he actually broke the laws first!

So, no matter what the outcome was, Xu Cheng would be stripped of the Dragon King title, and that was an inevitable outcome.

Of course Xu Cheng knew this very well, but he had no other choice. If someone laid their hands on his woman and he didn’t do anything, then he wouldn’t be Xu Cheng anymore! He was up against a giant financial group, and if it wasn’t wiped out entirely, they would not give up!

This was the reason he didn’t show any mercy. If he had a soft heart for them, then who would know what kind of revenge they would plot against him and Lin Chuxue?

So, either he wouldn’t make a move at all, or he would kill all without amnesty!

Leaning against the window frame and smoking a cigarette, Xu Cheng looked at the night scene as he was lost in thought.

There was a giant bag on the carpet of the hotel room, and there was a guy making a whining sound as he struggled. 

Xu Cheng untied the bag, and inside, Shanling Jiubao, whose legs were broken, had his mouth stuffed by Xu Cheng’s stinky sock. When he saw Xu Cheng’s actual face, he didn’t recognize him right away. Suddenly, he let out a sigh of relief. As long as it wasn’t that devil he saw at North Sea Path, he was fine.

“I didn’t die, that’s too good! Too good! That devil didn’t kill me?! Hahahahaha!”

Xu Cheng smiled. “Which devil?”

Shanling Jiubao only saw Xu Cheng’s actual face on a photo before, so it was normal that he couldn’t recognize him immediately. But, when his memory slowly came to him, his face immediately paled as his body began shivering. That smile just now turned into terror, and he almost couldn’t breath and choked on his spit to death.

Xu Cheng patted him on the shoulder and said, “Don’t be nervous.”

He turned around, came to the window of the hotel room, and said, “Guess why I brought you here?”

Then, he opened the curtains, and outside on an office building across the street, there was a giant billboard with Lin Chuxue’s ad endorsing a makeup brand on it.

“Recognize her?” Xu Cheng asked.  (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Shanling Jiubao lowered his head hopelessly, and he completely gave up resisting.

Suddenly, he laughed and asked Xu Cheng curiously, “How did you come out? How is my dad right now? Did you kill him or not?”

“No.” Xu Cheng said, “After I took you out, your father was arrested.”

“What?!” Shanling Jiubao didn’t even know if he heard it wrong or not. He sneered, “What are you joking about? How could my dad be arrested?”

“Yeah, and the funny thing is, he’s probably never coming out.” Xu Cheng said as he smiled mysteriously, “Let me show you something.” (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

In Shanling Jiubao’s confused eyes, Xu Cheng opened the hotel’s TV and inserted a USB drive to open a video. (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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