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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 416.2

Chapter 416: Completely Confident (Part Two)

Inside the video, Shanling Gangben was hacking everyone to death as they begged for mercy. At least a dozen core company CEOs under the Shanling Group were killed by his hands.

Xu Cheng faintly smiled and said, “Say, with this video alone, do you think your dad can escape a death sentence?”

Shanling Jiubao’s face slightly changed. “You took it out of context! You think the police wouldn’t watch the surveillance footage?”

“Too late.” Xu Cheng smiled and said, “I already destroyed it all, and even if the police can repair the hard disk, this will be the only video they can recover. I know that with your family’s business position in the Wei Nation, nothing will happen to your dad at all. So, I already posted this video online!”

Shanling Jiubao angrily shouted, “You won’t live either, the police will find you!”

“Guess, how many days has it been since that incident?” Xu Cheng laughed and said, “Two days now, for the past two days, I’ve been going in and out of the hotel, and no police came to look for me at all. Do you know why?”

“They will soon! They will find all the evidence and get to you soon!”

“Even if they pick up all the clues and make progress, it won’t help at all.” Xu Cheng said, “Only you know what I really look like, not even your father knows. So, he probably thought that I originally look like how I looked that day, and once I take off that mask, his description of my face will basically be useless.”

Shanling Jiubao: “You forgot about fingerprints! You killed so many people, the police can get the fingerprints at the scene and lock onto you right away! Although my dad doesn’t know what you really look like, I already told him before that you are from Huaxia! So, as long as he tells the police that, and the police will filter through all the inbound visitors from Huaxia, you will have nowhere to hide.”

“Yes, theoretically, with the general procedure, that would be the case. But, what if there are surprises?”

Speaking of this, Xu Cheng faintly smiled. “I can tell you, I came to the Wei Nation with a British passport, not Huaxia’s passport. So, during that first filter, I will already be safe! As for the fingerprints you speak of, I don’t think they will find anything.”

“Then the Wei Nation cops can go kill themselves! You killed so many people, and you dare to tell me that you left no fingerprints behind?” Shanling Jiubao said. 

At the Wei Nation Police Headquarters, the detectives in charge of this investigation were under a lot of stress. 

Firstly, there were some experts that said Shanling Gangben was losing his mind due to old age and went berserk and slashed a lot of people, and when the police arrived, the evidence was conclusive. He was indeed holding onto a samurai sword, and many of the bodies indeed showed fatal blade wounds and also signs of poisoning. 

Then, another ground of experts pointed out that there were five Rens at the scene, hinting that the Emperor was likely involved in the killing of the Shanling Family, and the Emperor of the Wei Nation was indeed having a big headache because of the public opinion and how much it was affecting his reputation. He was immediately infuriated and demanded that the police get to the bottom of this as fast as possible.

But, the only direct evidence they had was the surveillance footage which was cut to only the part of Shanling Gangben slashing people. All in all, the charges against him were confirmed. However, when that footage was posted online, the government officials were immediately furious at the police. “Who the fack told you guys to expose this online?!”

The police were also having a huge headache.

For this reason of public opinion, Shanling Gangben wouldn’t be able to get out temporarily.

And now, the only other thing the police could rely on was fingerprints!

At the hotel, Xu Cheng gestured at Shanling Jiubao and said, “Here, let me show you something.” (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Then, he put his palm in front of Jiubao, and then, a layer of meat pads just like that of a cat surfaced from his palm. Shanling Jiubao was completely shocked, and he looked at Xu Cheng like he was looking at a monster. (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

“The police will only find the fingerprints of cats, not humans.” Xu Cheng smiled deviously. (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

During his rampage, he had already covered his fingerprints with the meat pads!

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