Chapter 418: The Hands Behind the Curtain (Part One)

The Wei Nation was in complete chaos!

After one of the three leaders of the Sanko Group died, the people below him from all across the country began fighting fiercely for the opportunity to climb up the ladder.

Then, after the last witness and survivor of the massacre of the Shanling Financial Group’s core members, Shanling Jiubao, died in a presidential suite, the police tracked it to the eldest son of the second generation of the Tianjing Financial Group, who was also the next successor, from the hotel booking records. Because of the magnitude of this incident, the Tianjing Financial Group immediately became involved in the killing of the Shanling Financial Group, and all companies under this group were hit hard.

Shanling Gangben was sentenced to death for killing more than a dozen of his own clansmen because the evidence was very conclusive. In order to save his own life, he asked to meet with the Tianjing Financial Group.

The second-generation’s eldest son of the Tianjing Financial Group also wanted to prove his innocence, so he was also planning to visit Shanling Gangben, hoping that he could come out in court to testify for his innocence in this incident.

But, Xu Cheng wouldn’t give him this opportunity at all.

Just on that night, the power in the entire police station went out.

Xu Cheng went invisible as he got into the station, and when he walked past an officer, he grabbed the keys from the officer’s waist. 

Under the moonlight, in the prison cell, Shanling Gangben was making a call. Although he couldn’t get out, he still had the ability to talk with the outside world about things that needed to be taken care of. However, suddenly, the phone by his ear was slapped away by someone.

Shanling Gangben was startled, and when he turned around to look, he found no one in the cell!

His body shivered, and he saw that the phone fell into a corner and the call was still connected.

He ran over and when he was about to bend down to pick it up, Xu Cheng suddenly grabbed onto his wrist while only making half of his arm visible. From Shanling Gangben’s point of view, he just saw a floating arm grabbing onto his wrist, and he was so terrified that he immediately stumbled back and fell onto his bum.

But then, that half of an arm disappeared.

Shanling Gangben’s heart was beating furiously, clearly pretty scared by what happened just now.

“Gangben!” Just then, Xu Cheng suddenly called him by his ear, and Shanling Gangben was so terrified that he crawled into the corner.

“Ghost! AHH!”

Just then, the power at the police station turned back on.

Two officers rushed over after hearing Gangben screaming. They took a look at the cell and didn’t find anything. Shaking their heads, one of the officers said, “This old man’s brain indeed has a problem.”

“If his brain doesn’t have a problem, would he hack his own family to death?”

“Officers, there really is a ghost here! There really is, I’m not lying!” Shanling Gangben immediately said as he crawled to the officers.

“Where?” one of them answered in disdain.

Just then, the other officer noticed that the cell door was actually open.

“Huh? Did someone come in? Who opened the door? My keys are with me right now. Check, do you still have your keys?”

The other officer looked at his waist and noticed that his keys were gone. He was shocked. “Oh what, why is my key on the door? I thought it was on my waist, who opened the door with it?” 

The two of them just chatted, but Shanling Gangben felt a chill down his spine, and the more he thought about it, the more scared he became. He was even on the verge of going crazy, “I want to change a cell! I want to get out!”

“Get out?” those two officers said in disdain. “Mr. Gangben, I think you should give up on that idea.”

Then, those two officers closed the door.

Just then, the second-generation successor of the Tianjing Financial Group came over. (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

“I want to talk to him,” Tianjing Tuozai said to the two officers. 

Seeing that it was the young master of the Tianjing Financial Group, the two officers just let them in. (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

However, one of the officers didn’t notice that the cell phone in his pocket was quietly taken out of his pocket, and then it went into a dark corner of the room and began recording the conversation that began to take place in the cell. (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Shanling Gangben saw Tianjing Tuozai and immediately grabbed onto him as he said, “Help me get out. You want to be proven innocent, I can testify in court!”

“No, right now all eyes in the society are waiting to see your case get judged. If you were to run, the police and government will both lose a ton of face. It could be easier if this event wasn’t exposed under the public eye, but the key is that the video of you actually killing people is already going viral online.”

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