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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 421.1

Chapter 421: I Can Brag About It All the Way Into My Grave With This (Part One)

– Yanjing, Ye Family –

Elder Ye’s loud laugh filled the whole yard.

At the table, Ye Xiu curiously looked at his grandpa just laughing to his heart’s content, really scared that he would suddenly get a seizure or heart attack or something from laughing so hard.

On the side, Ye Xiu’s dad was also looking at Xu Cheng with a smile. Although Mommy Ye didn’t know what was going on, seeing such a rare occasion where both her husband and father-in-law were laughing like this, she couldn’t help but feel cheerful and asked, “What are you two laughing at?”

“Yeah, I find it odd too. Grandpa, Dad, what’s so funny?” Ye Xiu echoed.

At this moment, Xu Cheng smiled bitterly and said, “The old man’s laughing at me for getting fired.”

“Grandpa, that’s also why I brought Big Brother Cheng here, he doesn’t even have a military status anymore, what’s going on? You should help him out! He worked so hard to get to where he was in the military, just what did he do that made him lose his rank overnight?” Ye Xiu anxiously said. He only knew about Xu Cheng’s regular ranking in the military but not his identity as the Dragon King. 

“That’s because he deserved it!” Old Man Ye glanced at Xu Cheng, “It’s already light enough to just revoke his rank, humph!”

But then, although it sounded like scolding, Grandpa Ye couldn’t hold back the smile on his face. He poured Xu Cheng a glass of liquor and said, “But, I facking love what you did. Here, cheers, drink with me!”

Xu Cheng was extremely flattered as he held the cup with both hands.

On the side, Minister Papa Ye had been eyeing that treasured bottle of liquor of his dad’s for a long time, and he quickly moved up with his cup too, hoping that he could get a taste of it. However, he wouldn’t dare to make the old man pour a glass for him, so he reached his hand over. But who knew that, when he reached his hand over, Grandpa Ye would smack his hand and glared at him, “Did you fight those Wei [email protected] before, Brat?”

Minister Ye felt the awkwardness in the air.

“Look at how big of a coward you are.” Grandpa Ye’s voice reeked of disdain, and Minister Ye could only smile bitterly and not refute.

His father was a general during the Wei Nation’s invasion of Huaxia, and during that period, he killed many Wei soldiers. Those that survived from that period of time all hated people of the Wei Nation, and whoever could kill more, Grandpa Ye would admire them. He was very forward, and there weren’t many left that were still alive in this world that he would admire.

But who knew, Xu Cheng pulled off such an act that no one even knew what happened, yet the Wei Nation was in chaos and many people died. How could this not make Grandpa Ye happy? In his eyes, that was the same as killing Wei soldiers back during the war. 

“I like you, young brat. You have the same taste as me!” Grandpa Ye patted Xu Cheng on the knee and said loudly, “Here, cheers!”

The old man said as he pointed at Minister Ye on the side and lectured, “Don’t be like him, your Uncle Ye. Not to mention killing Wei soldiers, has he even fought any? No! Such an embarrassment to my name! Back then, I would hack from the southwest all the way to the northeast for a whole week, saving countless villages from those Wei Nation dogs! But, the thing I regret the most in my life is to have given birth to this pssy-azz son! Look, even little Xiu is a lot better than his old man. Little Cheng, don’t forget to take care of your little brother Xiu in the future.” (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

On the side, Minister Ye just sat there awkwardly, not able to participate in the conversation at all. (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Xu Cheng could only sympathize with him. The older-generation guys were indeed very stubborn, but it was the cute and reliable kind of stubborn, and if it weren’t for them, there would not be the peaceful Huaxia today. So, all of these old men that dared to stand up against the war were worthy of respect. (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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    Hi did you skip a chapter I can not connect the two from ch 420 – 421 thanks

    • noodletowntranslated

      oh i double-checked, nah, I think it’s just the story moving forward and switching setting

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