Chapter 423: This Seat Belongs to Someone That Has the Seniority to Brag (Part One)

The people walked into the lobby one after another. Xu Cheng wasn’t in a rush to go to the table, instead of going to the toilet first.

Elder Ye, Elder Zhou, Elder Xing, Elder Nie, and Elder Guo sat down and all began chatting and laughing.

Among the five of them, Elder Ye was the oldest, and he was also the one with the highest seniority among them to brag.

Elder Zhou saw it was rare for Elder Ye to come out, so he began joking with him, “Big Brother Ye, if you hadn’t come out for a longer while, us brothers would’ve thought that you died of old age at home already.”

“You are just looking forward to my death, aren’t you?” Elder Ye shouted, “Well let me tell you, I came especially today to let you guys know that I’m still alive, ahahahaha!”

The other four old men also laughed out very naturally. It was clear that Elder Ye was very happy today, and amongst the five of them, Elder Ye’s health was the worst. As the bros back in the old days that fought side by side against those that invaded their country, there were only five of them left. Every time they lost one of their old comrades, it was a very heartbreaking event, and every time they heard that Elder Ye had to skip their reunions to stay home and take care of his health, the four of them would really worry about the guy.

Elder Nie said to the manager, “Bring a few of your best dishes, the most authentic Yanjing kind. Also, bring up the good alcohol, facking don’t bring up wine or Imma smash it. Bring up white liquor, the most authentic Erguotou.”

The manager immediately smiled and said, “Alright, Commanders, just wait. Our chefs will bring you the most authentic flavors.”

When Xu Cheng got back from the washroom, he thought, “What a coincidence, the other four elders all brought the third generation of their families. What a narrow path for “enemies”.

Among them, Xu Cheng remembered two. That was right, it was those descendants of the military families that came over to try and merge the two special forces clubs, Old Zhou and the other one.

Elder Nie ordered the dishes and began teasing Elder Ye, “Among us right now, the one that can brag the most is you. Don’t die too early. Come out often. If you are not present, our reunions are pretty boring.”

“Yeah, Big Brother Ye, don’t hide in your home all the time.” The other three elders also extremely treasured the time they had left together and were worried that there wasn’t much time left.

Elder Ye agreed with what Elder Nie said. He immediately said to Xu Cheng, who was behind him, “Did you hear that? Only you’re annoyed from hearing me brag. Look at these four, they’ve all got great taste and just love stories!”

Xu Cheng laughed and said, “No sh-t, they are all like you and love bragging. Your bromance has been alive for dozens of years, how else would you all be sitting here if you aren’t from the same world?”

The five elders all began laughing.

Elder Zhou checked Xu Cheng out and laughed as he asked, “Big Brother Ye, this is the youngster that you are always talking about lately?”

The other three elders were all checking out Xu Cheng.

“Commanders, you guys can look at me all you want, but can you not check me out like you’re checking out a girl? I’m not used to it.” Xu Cheng was speechless. The eyes of these four guys felt really sharp, the kind that could really see through you.

Those four elders paused for a moment, and then they all laughed at Xu Cheng’s words.

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