Chapter 424: Recognizing Four New Grandpas (Part One)

Guo Rong and Zhou Xiaoming were furious. If it weren’t for their grandpas being present, they would’ve made a move already.

The other two elders’ grandsons were both pretty curious why Zhou Xiaoming and Guo Rong were so hostile towards Xu Cheng, and they were also very curious as to why Xu Cheng could actually sit at the same table with the five old commanders.

But, these two were more mature and wouldn’t be as impulsive.

Nie Wenbo asked Elder Nie, “Grandpa, this is?”

Elder Nie laughed. “This is your Grandpa Ye’s grandchild, you should be more like Little Cheng from now on.”

Elder Ye patted Xu Cheng on the shoulder and said, “Brat, come, pay your respect to your four grandpas. In the future, when I’m gone, if you encounter anything, your four Grandpas will get your back.”

He then looked towards Elder Nie and said, “Grandpa Nie is number two, pay your respects to Second Grandpa Nie first.”

Xu Cheng poured himself a full cup of baijiu and stood up holding the cup with both hands and said, “Hello, Grandpa Nie.”

Elder Nie smiled kindly. After Xu Cheng downed the cup, he came over to shake hands with Xu Cheng. The other youngsters were all a bit shocked to see Grandpa Nie personally coming to Xu Cheng to shake hands with him.

Xu Cheng also felt really flattered and he immediately went to shake hands with this elder. But who knew, when their hands shook, this old man suddenly added in a strong and vigorous force, forcing against Xu Cheng’s finger joints.

Xu Cheng froze slightly, and he bitterly smiled. Indeed, it wouldn’t be smooth sailing, getting recognized by these elders as their grandson. 

But, he wasn’t nervous at all. He nonchalantly applied 10x the force to fight back.

Elder Nie’s eyes narrowed for a brief moment, and an eagle-like sharp look appeared in his eyes as he faintly smiled.

Xu Cheng was a bit shocked, he felt another wave of force invading, so without another word, he increased his power to 20x!

Elder Nie was a bit shocked.

Good boy, he can actually release such a powerful force between his fingers.

Normally, if even the fingers were this powerful, that person’s strength when utilizing the whole arm could not be underestimated.

When Elder Nie was about to retaliate, Xu Cheng didn’t give him the chance at all and domineeringly increased his strength to 30x!

“Hss!” Elder Nie took in a deep breath of cold air, his old-age fingers were about to break, and he immediately said quietly, “Brat, I’m about to die of old-age already, you can stop now.”

Xu Cheng was speechless.

My god, how shameless is this old man? You can test me but when I beat you, you accuse me of not respecting the elderly enough?”

Elder Nie took out a red envelope from his pocket with a smile and gave it to Xu Cheng, “Come, I recognize you as my grandson. You can call me Second Grandpa from now on.”

“Hello, Second Grandpa.” Xu Cheng immediately called.

Elder Nie nodded in satisfaction.

The youngsters behind Elder Nie were surprised.

Holy crap, even red pockets? That formal? So today they are all coming over to get a new grandson?

Elder Ye laughed and then pointed at Elder Xing and said, “Number Three Xing, call Third Grandpa Xing.”

Xu Cheng came over to pay respect to Elder Xing with his drink. He asked straightforwardly, “Grandpa Xie, are you going to pull something like Second Grandpa? I don’t want to break your hand.”

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