Chapter 424: Recognizing Four New Grandpas (Part Two)

Elder Xing laughed. “You little [email protected], you think you can shake me just because you can shake your Second Grandpa? Pick up your chopsticks.”

Xu Cheng followed and Elder Xing also picked up a pair. Then, with a slap onto the table, a slippery tangyuan (like a dumpling but round and slippery) in the bowl suddenly flew up a meter above the table. Normal people would have to reach up in order to touch it.

But, during its fall, it would be really difficult to catch a round and slippery tangyuan. In addition to the fast reflexes that were required, you also had to be able to control the force between your fingers or the tangyuan would just slip right out after you catch it.

Xu Cheng and Elder Xing moved at the same time. Xu Cheng caught the tangyuan first since he could sense ultrasonic waves, allowing him to locate the trajectory of the tangyuan and catch it at the fastest speed. It could be said that the five elders were all shocked by Xu Cheng’s speed since not even Elder Xing could compare, not to mention how Xu Cheng caught it with such precision. 


Elder Xing’s chopsticks were inserted into the gap of Xu Cheng’s chopsticks, pushing the tangyuan to slide right out of Xu Cheng’s chopsticks. Elder Xing caught the tangyuan, but Xu Cheng lightly tapped Elder Xing’s chopsticks, causing them to tremble. The tangyuan got shaken out of the chopsticks again. When the tangyuan was free again and both of them were about to go for it one last time before it hit the table, at that instant, Xu Cheng demonstrated his unrivaled hand speed!

He grabbed the tangyuan and then withdrew his hand, and Elder Xing was one step late. His hands just remained out in awkwardness since there was nothing more for him to catch, and he just stayed there in a daze.

Afraid that Elder Xing would feel embarrassed, Xu Cheng smiled and put the tangyuan into Elder Xing’s bowl. “Grandpa Xing, this meat-stuffed tangyuan is really good for your health, here you go.”

“You little brat.” Elder Xing smiled, very happy with Xu Cheng’s gesture.

He ate the tangyuan in one bite and then took out a red pocket and said, “Call me Third Grandpa from now on.”

Xu Cheng nodded. “Hello, Third Grandpa.”

The other four youngsters were shocked again.

There had always been a prideful smile on Elder Ye’s face. He then looked at Elder Zhou and said, “Brat, call him Grandpa Zhou.”

Elder Zhou directly waved his hand, not in a rush to let Xu Cheng call him. He first asked his grandson, “Xiaoming, you see, I want to recognize him as my grandson, do you agree?”

Zhou Xiaoming: “No. I don’t get why he can sit here, or why he’s here at all.”

Elder Zhou smiled at Xu Cheng and said, “There’s no first place in literature, but there’s only one first place in martial arts. My child is rather stubborn and unconvinced, how about you show him a hand?” 

Xu Cheng smiled. He placed an empty bowl before him and then suddenly punched towards it.

Zhou Xiaoming scoffed. “Who can’t break a stupid bowl?”

But Xu Cheng’s fist suddenly stopped about 2 centimeters before the bowl.

Being able to stop whenever he wants, Xu Cheng had great discipline over his strength. Normally, people wouldn’t be able to control their punches once they were thrown, but Xu Cheng could stop it right before the target.

Then, he moved his fist away.

“What are you trying to pull?” Zhou Xiaoming and Guo Rong said in confusion, What’s the meaning of just stopping, he’s not gonna try breaking the bowl anymore?

But just then, the bowl suddenly burst into pieces!

The five elders all exclaimed at the same time, “Fist blade!”

“Did you see that?” Elder Zhou said to his dumbfounded grandson, “Did you see the difference between you two?”

Zhou Xiaoming subconsciously nodded as he stared at the bowl.

Elder Zhou faintly smiled. He took out a red pocket and handed it to Xu Cheng. “Good boy, call me Fourth Grandpa.”

Then, Elder Guo directly took out a red pocket and gave it to Xu Cheng, “Call me Fifth Grandpa.”

Guo Rong interjected, “Grandpa, why did you just recognize him so casually? You should also do something to test him!”

“Oh yeah?” Elder Guo laughed and asked, “How do you want to test him?”

Guo Rong snorted, “I admit he’s very powerful, but he’s just someone that’s all muscles with no brain.”

“Hahahaha!” The fiver elders all began laughing upon hearing that.

Elder Guo directly said to his grandson, “Do you know why he was kicked out of the military and got stripped of all titles and ranks? It’s because he’s way too smart. Hahahaha.”

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