Chapter 427: I Will Give You 15 Minutes to Come Over and Become My Apprentice (Part One)

Seeing this, Lin Dong knew he wouldn’t be able to get the manager to voluntarily tell him Xu Cheng’s number.

He suddenly thought of an idea. “Wait, let me ask you, did the owner recently ask you to sell this building?”

He wanted to know if Xu Cheng was still alive.

“No, he told me a month ago and that was when we got all the paperwork done.”

Lin Dong: “Then hurry up and give the owner a call, see if he’s still alive.”

The Manager: “What?”

Lin Dong: “No, I mean, see if he picks up or not. See if it’s really his number.”

The Manager: “Normally, we won’t call our clients unless we have good news to tell. If it isn’t about the news of the building being successfully sold, we normally wouldn’t call them to make them happy for a split second about nothing.”


Lin Dong was about to go berserk. “I’m facking telling you to give him a call, just give him a call! Are you calling or not? If you don’t, then I’m going to beat you up, do you believe it or not?”

He directly grabbed the manager by the collar, pushed him against the window, and pointed at his 2-million-yuan Porsche outside and said, “I have lots of money, even if you call and piss him off, I have the connections to settle the matter. Do you believe it?”

Seeing that car, the manager thought that what Shangcheng lacked the least were domineering and capricious young masters that did whatever the fack they wanted. So, he swallowed his spittle and said, “Fine, I will call. Just don’t put your hands on me.”

Lin Dong finally let him go. 

The manager turned around and then dialed, afraid that Lin Dong would see the number.

He was quite speechless about Lin Dong, but at the same time, he was also very nervous, and he anxiously waited for the call to connect.

But, no one picked up the first time and it went to voicemail.

The manager mumbled, “No one picked up. Whatever.”

“Whatever my azz! Call again!” Lin Dong glared at him.

“You have to think about it in my shoes too man! He’s my client, if I just give him a couple of calls when there’s really nothing to talk to him about, what if he’s in a meeting or having a meal? When I call him consecutively, what happens if his first words are ‘did you sell the place yet?’, how do you want me to answer? Could I actually tell him, ‘Nah, not yet, I’m just calling to see if you are alive’?”

Lin Dong thought about it, it was true.

But, he couldn’t care less. 

“Call again, I promise he won’t get mad. I know the owner, call again!” Lin Dong anxiously said, he was really scared that Xu Cheng already went to see Jesus. 

The manager couldn’t stand his persistence, but he had no choice but to make another call.

And this time, the call finally connected.

“Hello?” On the other end of the phone, Xu Cheng just arrived at his new villa so he was a bit busy and missed the first call.

“Is it Xu Cheng, Mr. Xu?”

“It’s me, what’s wrong?”

Lin Dong directly grabbed over the phone and anxiously said, “Hello, Teacher, it’s me, Lin Dong. You promised me that if you are still alive, you will accept me as an apprentice, right? I still remember, you are not going to go back on your words, right? I already graduated from highschool and I’m in university now. I know what I’m doing, this is my choice, I don’t regret it.”

On the other end, Xu Cheng paused for a moment and said, “It’s you? I already forgot about it.”

Lin Dong didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry. “Teacher, you are not going back on your words, right? I took it so seriously though…”

Xu Cheng: “I already told you what I should tell you, you aren’t suitable for this circle. Why not just keep living as a rich second-generation heir instead of picking a hard life? Alright, go to your university, I’m hanging up.”

And then, Xu Cheng really hung up the phone.

Xu Cheng was drinking tea with Luo Yi and Li Wei after settling into the new place. Luo Yi curiously asked him, “Since when did you take in apprentices?”

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