Chapter 427: I Will Give You 15 Minutes to Come Over and Become My Apprentice (Part Two)

“Oh, it was nothing. There’s a kid that really wants to be my apprentice, and I agreed to it before too. But now, I don’t feel like the time is right. I will just give him a call back later tonight.” Xu Cheng felt that he should probe Lin Dong more and see if after being teased like this, Lin Dong would do something impulsive out of embarrassment and anger.

On the other side, Lin Dong just stood there in a daze. He didn’t even know when the manager took the phone and left. Later, he got out and drove back home mindlessly. He locked himself in his room in a daze, and he only came down when it was time for dinner.

His parents and his big brother Young Master Lin were already eating. Seeing him coming over picking up chopsticks but not seeming to be in the mood to eat, his parents asked worriedly, “This child, what happened to him?”

Young Master Lin snorted, “He wanted to learn martial arts all day and wanted to become an apprentice of a martial artist. He probably got fooled.”

“You didn’t see his power, you wouldn’t know how powerful he is.” Lin Dong snorted back at his brother, “If he wanted to scam me or something, he would’ve done it a long time ago. He didn’t take a single cent, so maybe I was really not the right material to learn martial arts from him and he doesn’t think I’m qualified.”

“He’s just a police officer that can fight, and I heard he’s not working there anymore. Don’t know what the reason is, but he probably pissed off someone. What’s so special about someone like him?” Young Master Lin said.

At that moment, Mr. Lin glanced at his son and said nonchalantly, “You didn’t tell him that you are the son of me, Lin Han?”

Lin Dong: “Don’t worry about my business.”

Mr. Lin glared at him. “If I don’t, who will? You two brothers both don’t put effort in learning something useful, when can you two start contributing to the family? I’m already quite old, can I even rely on you two when I retire? Look at you two, only knowing to live off of your parents. If the company were to be handed to you two, we won’t even know when it’s going to go bankrupt.”

Lin Dong lowered his head and said, “I’m not interested in that crappy company of yours either.”

His father paid little to no attention to family because of his business, which contributed to why Lin Dong was this rebellious.

Lin Dong then looked at his big brother and said, “I also won’t fight with you for the company, so you don’t have to badmouth me all day.”

Young Master Lin awkwardly moved his lips.

Mommy Lin shouted, “What did you say?”

Young Master Lin said in a weird and disdainful manner, “Dad, Mom, he’s in a rebellious period right now, just let him be. Later on, he will know how dark society is. He is begging to be someone’s apprentice and basically throwing away all of his dignity, he embarasses me so much, and it embarrasses the Lin Family too. Why can’t he just play his role as the second young master of the Lin Family? I couldn’t bear to see it anymore and that’s why I tried to advise him. Look at him, just to become someone’s apprentice, he even treated the princess of the Zheng Family poorly. Dad, you don’t know this yet, right? When you weren’t here for the past few days, Uncle Zheng even talked to me about this whole thing. His daughter had been bad-mouthing Lin Dong a lot over there, and if the two families don’t get along, it will be very bad for your company. That’s why I’m trying to lecture him as an older brother.”

Mr. Lin’s face slightly changed, and he glared at Lin Dong. “How did you manage to piss off the young madam of the Zheng Family? Don’t you know what kind of impact it will bring to your dad’s company?”

Lin Dong: “I don’t like her, or could it be that you still want me to act for the sake of the company?”

Young Master Lin: “You at least shouldn’t mercilessly reject her and also treat her badly though.”

“That’s just my temper.” Lin Dong snorted, and then the phone in his pocket rang.

It was an unfamiliar number.

Mommy Lin: “We are eating right now, just don’t pick it up.”

Lin Dong still did. “Hello?”

“I’ll give you 15 minutes, come to Jade Qilin Garden, Villa #66. If you don’t get there in 15 minutes, maybe you are not destined to become my apprentice and I won’t consider taking you in anymore.”

Lin Dong’s pupils immediately enlarged, and he was getting excited all over. “Alright, alright, Teacher! I will be right there, just you wait!”

Then, he directly stood up and then ran out the door. 

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