Chapter 429: As Your Teacher, I Will Give You a Gift (Part One)

Lin Dong didn’t even finish the ceremony to formally become Xu Cheng’s apprentice yet, and he stubbornly stayed kneeling on the ground as he pushed his dad aside and said, “Dad, don’t fack this up for me.”

Luo Yi looked at Lin Han and impatiently said, “Sir, it’s your son that’s begging to become an apprentice, not the other way around. You should pay attention to your words.”

“Then don’t do it anymore!” Lin Han tried to pull Lin Dong up, but Lin Dong wouldn’t budge at all.

It made Lin Han so furious as he angrily yelled, “Are you really trying to piss me off to death? How embarrassing would it be to me if the whole Shangcheng were to know that the son of Lin Han went to become the apprentice of some random unemployed scum and is even kneeling?”

“It’s me kneeling to become his apprentice, not the Lin Family! Can you stop trying to fack this up for me?” Lin Dong said impatiently to his father.

“No, you need to go with me right now to a gathering. You caused this disaster. Hurry up, President Zheng is still waiting.” Lin Han directly grabbed Lin Dong, as if he was about to beat Lin Dong up if he didn’t comply. 

Young Master Lin also helped drag Lin Dong by the arm, and the two of them kept on pulling Lin Dong towards the door.

Lin Dong was furious. He stood up, pushed both of them aside and then shouted, “Can’t you two just let me finish this ceremony? Dad, have I asked you for anything in this life? Can’t you just respect my wish just this time, once? I will come with you right after this, but please stop embarrassing me here!”

“What facking teacher are you getting?!” Lin Han scolded him loudly and then he pointed at Xu Cheng and said, “This guy’s good? How come I don’t feel it? What can you learn from becoming his apprentice? Kung Fu? What can you do with Kung Fu nowadays even if you are good? Be a thug? Be a little police officer? Can you make good money with Kung Fu? Can you become an influential figure that everyone respects with Kung Fu?’

Just then, Xu Cheng bitterly smiled. He looked at Lin Dong and said, “Your dad is right, I’ve told you since the beginning, this skill that you want to learn isn’t useful, and you might starve to death. Now, in today’s society, everything needs money. You should go back.”

“No, I already kneeled, and you also drank the tea already, you can’t go back on your words anymore. Don’t listen to my dad, everyone has the right to decide their future path, and I know what I’m doing right now.”


Right as he finished, Lin Han slapped him across the face.

“It looks like you are possessed!” He turned around and looked to Xu Cheng as he fiercely said, “Don’t let me find out that you are a con artist, or I’m going to call the police to arrest you!”

Luo Yi: “You can call them right now and give it a try.”

Lin Han: “You think I don’t dare?”

Li Wei looked at Lin Dong and said, “Brat, Big Brother Cheng accepted you as a disciple, but to be honest, I don’t think you deserve a teacher like him. I’m not exaggerating or bragging, but if he were to openly accept disciples, not to mention Shangcheng, even if it was at Yanjing, those that would beg to become his disciple would come from even bigger backgrounds than your family, do you believe it? And what I’m most facking pissed about is, is Big Brother Cheng begging for you to become his student? What the fack is your family doing on his turf? Let me tell you, you can’t disrespect someone like this. If you don’t take your dad out right now, don’t blame me for teaching him a lesson myself! If you aren’t sincere about becoming Big Brother Cheng’s apprentice, then get the fack out! Bringing such bad luck into the door!”

Lin Dong was already super embarrassed, and he quickly dragged his dad towards the door. 

“Teacher, I’m sorry, this is my fault, I will come back later to apologize to you, don’t be mad at me… There’s something that I have to take care of back home. Sorry, it’s hard to satisfy both my family and my teacher. Later on, you can scold me or hit me or do whatever you want, I will take it without any complaint,” Lin Dong apologized to Xu Cheng as he dragged his dad and big brother out towards the door.

Just then, Xu Cheng slowly stood up and said, “Wait a second.”

Lin Dong thought he was mad and wasn’t going to acknowledge the ceremony anymore, he immediately began crying out of anxiety and said, “Teacher… I really want to become your student and learn from you…”

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