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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 429.2

Chapter 429: As Your Teacher, I Will Give You a Gift (Part Two)

“Alright.” Xu Cheng faintly said, “I already drank the tea, and you already kneeled. Although the ceremony was brief, it was still completed. Other than today’s impression being a bit poor, I will accept you as an apprentice. You can go back first.”

Then, Xu Cheng glanced at Lin Han and said, “Mr. Lin, rest assured, me acknowledging Lin Dong as an apprentice has nothing to do with the Lin Family. If you are worried that I will use your Lin Family’s name to brag, there’s no need at all. To be honest, your son becoming my apprentice would only drag down my name, so you can rest assured.”

“Send the guests out,” Xu Cheng then said to the maid.

The maid nodded and then gestured to those three, “This way.”

“I won’t acknowledge that my son has you as a teacher,” Lin Han snorted.

“I already said that the Lin Family has nothing to do with me taking Lin Dong in as a student. In my eyes, he’s just an apprentice, and that’s all, and I don’t know anyone from the Lin Family, nor do I care to,” Xu Cheng said. Then, he kept on drinking tea with Luo Yi and Li Wei.

Lin Dong quickly dragged his dad out of the door.

Xu Cheng thought of something and then said to Lin Dong, “Oh right, as a teacher, I didn’t give you a red pocket yet as a part of the ceremony. How about this, if you run into any trouble, you can give me a call, and I will see if I can take care of it for you.”

“You really think you are a big shot now?” Lin Han sneered, and he threw his sleeves and walked out of the house with Lin Dong and got into the car.

Afraid of Lin Dong running away again, Lin Han directly squeezed Lin Dong into the same car as them as they drove off, and Lin Dong’s Porsche could only be parked outside of Xu Cheng’s house.

In the car, Lin Dong just looked out of the window and didn’t say anything. He was quite angry and also feeling a bit embarrassed. 

“In a bit, when we’re eating with President Zheng, learn to read the room. His family’s in the real estate industry, and our family doesn’t have any contacts in this field. If we can get close to them, they will act as a guide for us. I heard you rejected his daughter. During the dinner, be nice and just go along with what she says. If anything, just go back to dating her for a bit, it’s not like it will cost you anything. The ones that are at a disadvantage for dating around too much are girls, not boys. In this life, I don’t expect you to do anything. Just this once, help the family out,” Lin Han explained to Lin Dong.

Lin Dong didn’t speak.

His big brother, Young Master Lin, then echoed their dad, “If you don’t want the family to always order you around, then just go and marry that princess of the Zheng Family. After you marry into her family, and by the look of how fond of you she is, what would stand in the way of you doing whatever you want in the future?”

Lin Dong glanced at his brother. “You want me to be a live-in son-in-law?”

He sneered and kept on going, “Just now, you were saying me becoming an apprentice of a teacher brings shame to the Lin Family, how are you going to just turn around and tell me to become a live-in son-in-law and sell myself out? Let me tell you, I’d rather not take a single dime from the Lin Family and cut all ties than being a live-in son-in-law!”

Lin Han: “Up to you. Just behave at this dinner tonight first, I think the princess of the Zheng Family will be there too. Just watch your words.”

In the villa, Luo Yi and Li Wei were both furious.

“Big Brother Cheng, can you even bear this? After all of this sh-t, it’s like you are begging for him to become your apprentice or something. If it was me, I would’ve just kicked them out. They can beg to become your apprentice!”

Xu Cheng played with the teacup in his hand and slightly smiled. “I remember when I was applying to the military, Big Brother Yan saw my resume. Knowing that I spent most of my years in Britain, so many people were against me joining and they say that although I’m from Huaxia, I don’t have a sense of belonging to this nation. If it wasn’t for Big Brother Yan willing to give me a chance back then, where would I be now? So, sometimes, you should give people a chance. Besides, this guy had always been wanting to become my apprentice, his stubbornness is kind of like me.”

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