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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 430.2

Chapter 430: I’m Also willing to Fall with You (Part Two)

As a perfectionist, she instinctively covered it up. She didn’t want to show her ugly side, especially to her beloved man.

Xu Cheng tenderly looked at her.

Auntie Lan and the maid saw Xu Cheng, and they didn’t say anything and quietly left after packing up the medical supplies.

In the bedroom, there was only Lin Chuxue and Xu Cheng left. Lin Chuxue was still holding onto the blanket as she forced out a smile.

Xu Cheng slowly walked to her bedside and half-knelt down. Then, he reached out with his hands to lift up the blanket that was covering her wound.

But, Lin Chuxue pressed it down with a bit of force, not wanting Xu Cheng to see.

“It’s just a wound, it’s not like you haven’t seen one before,” Lin Chuxue smiled reluctantly as she said to Xu Cheng. 

Xu Cheng still wanted to take a look, but this time, Lin Chuxue clenched her teeth and looked at Xu Cheng with a soft and pleading look as she quietly said, “Don’t.”

“Can I take a good look?” Xu Cheng looked at her gently and said.
Lin Chuxue was still clenching her teeth as she struggled. But, Xu Cheng already gently moved her hand and moved aside the blanket. When that slender and perfectly-curved waist was exposed in front of Xu Cheng, to be honest, the lines and skin were perfect, but the two scarring marks seemed a bit out of place.

Lin Chuxue saw how Xu Cheng was staring at her wound, and she bitterly laughed and quietly said, “Very ugly, aren’t they? The bullets were of a large-caliber, and the doctor said that it would most likely leave behind scars. Even if I use laser surgery later, it will still be a bit tough to repair.”

Xu Cheng lifted his head and his eyes met with Lin Chuxue’s. Seeing tears quietly dropping from her eyes, Xu Cheng softly wiped them away from her face and said, “Not at all. In my eyes, these marks make you more real, do you know that? For a soldier, the more bullet marks we have, the more meaning it has. Each bullet mark is what makes up our unique charm. Right now, I think you have become even more stunning and beautiful. I saw your tears, your panic, and those emotions made you even more real.”

Lin Chuxue sobbed with red eyes. “I know, I’m no longer such a noble piece of art, I became ordinary, right?’

Xu Cheng pulled her into his embrace and said sincerely, “Lin Chuxue, listen to me. It’s me who made you like this. I don’t care if there’s a crack on the vase. Even if it shatters, I will still treasure it with my all! In this world, anyone can hate you or not love you, only I can’t!”

Lin Chuxue tightly clutched onto Xu Cheng’s waist, and she suddenly said quietly, “Xu Cheng, I don’t want to be a vase anymore!”

Xu Cheng’s body shook, and he looked at Lin Chuxue with a bit of uncertainty and asked, “What do you mean?” (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

“Since we came back from Britain, I already thought it through. I don’t want to be a flower vase anymore, I don’t want to be a burden to you. A wife can also be a good helper and partner, right? I’m afraid that when we grow old and I lose my youth, my face would be the only thing in your memory, do you understand?” Lin Chuxue said.

Xu Cheng bitterly smiled. “Chuxue, didn’t we already talk about this? I will do all the dirty and tiring work.” (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Lin Chuxue smiled. “I already went through your briefcase. That military uniform, medals, and certificates that you treasure so much are all gone, and I just saw a dismissal report! You think I can just pretend I don’t know about this and keep on being a burden that has nothing but looks? Xu Cheng, you listen to me too, I’m going to go through this with you together, wherever you go! Even if you go to hell, I will willingly fall with you.” (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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  1. bob

    a bit dumb from author to let xu cheng speak the same words xue thinks. Makes it too cliche soft

  2. Rissay Ibrahimi

    That s a good wife. He should just tell her his old identity and also about his powers….. Otherwise she might think that he is incompetent in bed….

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