Chapter 431: Lin Dong’s Retaliation (Part One)

– Royal Capital Hotel – 

Lin Dong followed his father and brother into the room reserved by President Zheng. The moment they went in, they saw President Zheng, his wife, and his daughter.

The Lin Family’s assets weren’t very big, and Lin Han’s personal assets were only worth a few hundred million yuan. Otherwise, the two young masters of the Lin Family wouldn’t have been in such an awkward position in Shangcheng. 

If Lin Han wanted to get into the real estate market in Shangcheng with just that few hundred million yuan of assets, it was indeed not enough. At a place like Shangcheng, every inch of soil was worth a ton, and you would need at least a couple billion to try to get a certain piece of land for development. So, if Lin Han didn’t have a partner, he was indeed not qualified to play in this league.

But the Zheng Family was different, being already pretty famous in the real estate world. Although they couldn’t get into the top ranking in the country, they were still rich enough to get around in Shangcheng. President Zheng’s assets were in the tens of billions, and that was why Lin Han couldn’t refuse this dinner invitation.

“Sorry, President Zheng, we are a bit late,” Lin Han entered the room and said with a smile.

President Zheng said in an odd tone, “President Lin seems to be really busy, huh? If you are busy, then just let me know ahead of time. I’m very busy too.”

“I’m really sorry, President Zheng. Here, I will down this glass first to pay respect,” Lin Han said, and he immediately poured himself a glass of wine and drank it in one go.

Seeing this attitude from Lin Han and also the way his daughter was looking at Lin Dong, President Zheng finally let this go. “Have a seat.”

Lin Han awkwardly smiled and gestured for his two sons to sit.

“Here, Lin Dong, you sit over here,” Lin Han pulled Lin Dong to the seat beside President Zheng’s daughter and said.

Lin Dong suppressed his anger and sat down first. President Li’s daughter was looking at him as if she had a crush on him. She wasn’t really ugly, but she was definitely not pretty. Most importantly, she just wasn’t Lin Dong’s type…
“I heard that, Little Brother Lin, you want to venture into the real estate sector?” President Zheng unscrewed another bottle of red wine and said to Lin Han.

Lin Han immediately smiled as he raised his glass to accept more wine from President Zheng. He bitterly smiled and said, “President Zheng, you know as well that in recent years, it has been increasingly tough on us machinery manufacturers, and the competition is really fierce. The moment our equipment technology falls behind, our margins will be significantly squeezed, so it has been becoming tougher and tougher every year.”

President Zheng nodded. “You know that the real estate sector has deep waters too right?”

“Yeah, I know. We did some research, and we thought we must have a mentor-like figure leading us, right? President Zheng, you asked me to come for dinner today, could it be that there’s a project we can work together on?” Lin Han smiled as he hesitantly asked. 

“Oh, no rush. You guys must be hungry, right? Let’s dig in first.” President Zheng laughed and gestured for the waitress to bring up the dishes.

Lin Han could only suppress his strong curiosity and eat first.

After the princess of the Zheng Family took a bite of the steak, she glanced at Lin Dong who didn’t even pick up his fork and said, “Eating?”

“I already ate back at home, so I’m really full right now,” Lin Dong said. 

That was the truth, but his words made it really awkward for Lin Han and Lin Dong’s big brother.

“He ate a bit already at home, but Lin Dong and I came straight over from the company,” Lin Han immediately explained. (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

“This is Lin Dong, right?” At this moment, President Zheng’s wife smiled as she looked at Lin Dong as if she was looking at her future son-in-law.

Lin Han replied right away in Lin Dong’s place, “Yeah, this is my son, Lin Dong. He just likes to fool around, I hope President Zheng and Mrs. Zheng don’t mind.” (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Then, he quickly gestured to Lin Dong with a look and said, “Aren’t you going to toast Mr. Zheng’s family?” (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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