Chapter 431: Lin Dong’s Retaliation (Part Two)

Lin Dong just sat there indifferently.

His big brother immediately stood up with a smile. He raised his glass and looked at the three members of the Zheng Family and said, “My little brother is still in school, so he doesn’t know the etiquette for this kind of occasion. I hope Uncle Zheng and Auntie Zheng don’t take his rudeness to heart, I will toast first and finish this glass first in his place.”

The princess of the Zheng Family didn’t even look at Lin Dong’s big brother since all of her attention was on Lin Dong. She smiled and said, “Didn’t expect this, right? I told you, we will meet again. On that day, you embarrassed me so much, so shouldn’t you apologize?”

Lin Dong: “If you weren’t causing trouble, would I have embarrassed you?”

“Oh? There were some grudges between you two?” President Zheng pretended to be a bit shocked as he asked with subtle anger.

Hearing the tone, Lin Han immediately grew anxious and said, “President Zheng, Miss Zheng, could there be any misunderstanding?”

Miss Zheng: “I won’t hold this against him, as long as he apologizes.”

Lin Han: “Dong, apologize right now.”

Lin Dong directly stood up and said, “If there’s nothing else, I will go back to my teacher now. In the future, don’t bring me to this kind of meaningless gathering.”

Then, as he was preparing to leave, his big brother immediately stopped him. “Stop right there, what are you doing?”

“President Lin, have you heard about that project in the Puxi area?” President Zheng suddenly smiled and said, “The government has allocated five large blocks to five of the largest real estate companies for development. We got our hands on one, and although it’s not big, it would still put a bit of burden on our cash flow if we were to do it ourselves. Recently, I’ve been looking for partners, and if this project goes well, the partner can also leave a good impression with the officials.”

Lin Han was tempted.

His face darkened as he scolded Lin Dong, “If you dare to step out of this room, don’t come back to the Lin Family again.”

“President Lin, you didn’t raise your children the right way, huh?” President Zheng looked at his steak as he interjected, “He’s not a kid anymore, he should know the priorities right? He should know to put the big picture first, right?”

“Yeah, yeah, it’s all because I didn’t discipline him enough. I hope President Zheng doesn’t mind. This kid was recently deceived by some con artist and has become obsessed with becoming his student, so he hasn’t been able to think correctly for the past few days.”

Miss Zheng snorted. “Even if he’s stupid, he should still know how to apologize, right?”

“Yeah!” Lin Dong’s big brother blurted out, and he pulled Lin Dong back to his seat and put a glass in his hand. Then, he whispered into his ear, “You caused this trouble, and our family can’t afford to offend them. Just apologize, don’t make this more difficult for Dad.”

A hint of unwillingness flashed past Lin Dong’s face, but he was helpless.

In the end, he raised his glass and said to Miss Zheng, “I’m sorry, please accept this drink as me paying my respects to you.”

But immediately, Miss Zheng threw the red wine in her cup right into Lin Dong’s face.

Lin Dong was completely dumbfounded.

The other members of the Lin Family were too.

Miss Zheng smiled in disdain and said, “Where were you a few days ago? Weren’t you very arrogant?”

“President Zheng, this…” Lin Han looked at President Zheng, puzzled about the intentions behind Miss Zheng. Besides, this was also a slap to his face as well.

President Zheng smiled indifferently. “President Lin, please don’t mind, I can’t control my little girl.” (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

“Uncle Lin, I got a bit excited just now. Please don’t mind,” Miss Zheng immediately smiled and said to Lin Han.  (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Right after she finished, Lin Dong poured his cup of red wine directly down from her head, and it ran down over Miss Zheng’s entire face.

Lin Dong looked at the dumbfounded Zheng Family and wiped off the red wine on his face. He breathed out comfortably and said, “You should take off your makeup and see how ugly you are. But, your heart is even uglier!” (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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