Chapter 432: Maybe My Teacher Has a Way (Part One)

Miss Zheng suddenly went crazy and shook her hair as she looked at Lin Dong and angrily shouted, “Lin Dong!”

Her mother pulled her daughter behind her while shaking with anger too. “What are you doing!”

Lin Dong’s dad and brother’s faces immediately changed as well. “Lin Dong!”

President Zheng narrowed his eyes. He didn’t look at Lin Dong but instead turned to Lin Han and saying, “President Lin, what is the meaning of this?”

Lin Dong slammed his hands onto the dinner table and answered President Zheng in his father’s place, “What do you mean?”

Then, he suddenly flipped the dining table with both hands and said in a deep voice, “This is what I facking mean! Go eat a d!ck! If you have something, just say it out loud! Is it fun to hide daggers behind smiles? If you are going to interrogate me for dumping your daughter, do you really have to go in such a big circle? It’s already tough living life as a human, why the fack do you like to make it even more complicated?”

The rest of the Lin Family was dumbfounded.

The Zheng Family was also dumbfounded.

President Zheng pointed at Lin Dong while shivering in anger. “You! Alright, you brat, you actually dare to treat my daughter like this!”

Then, he looked to Lin Han and said in a deep voice, “Lin Han, don’t blame me for what I’m going to do. Your son actually dares to bully my daughter like this, alright! Guess we aren’t having dinner anymore! We will wait and see! If the Lin Family can still survive in Shangcheng, then I, Zheng Baorui will kick myself out of this goddam city!”

“President Zheng!” Lin Han immediately panicked as he hurried over and pulled President Zheng back from leaving the room. “We can talk this out.”

“Talk what?!” President Zheng roared as he pointed at his crying daughter and said, “I’ve never seen someone who dares to bully my daughter like this! Just shut up already, we will wait and see. Starting from tomorrow, I will make sure you can’t run your factory anymore. Doesn’t the Lin Family just have about 500 million in assets all together? Tomorrow, I will show you what a hostile takeover looks like!” 

“President Zheng, can you please give me a chance to make this right?’ Lin Han hurriedly pulled him back.

President Zheng directly pushed Lin Han away, causing him to fall onto the ground. 

Lin Dong immediately came to help his dad up. Then, he threw a punch at President Zheng’s face and shouted, “If you are going to fack off, then fack off.”

“Just you wait, brat!” President Zheng pointed at Lin Dong and fiercely cursed, “Since your stupid dad couldn’t teach you right, then I will teach you how you should act when you step into real society!”

Then, he left with his wife and daughter.

The whole room was in a mess, there were broken bowls and plates everywhere. 

When Lin Dong went back to helping his dad up, he was pushed away by his dad and then received a beating.

It was right for the dad to beat the son, so he didn’t fight back. He was in the wrong, but the other party was clearly in the wrong too for humiliating them. It was his principle to break his own spine before lowering his head!

His big brother couldn’t stand it anymore. “Alright, Dad, it’s useless if you beat him too.” (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Lin Han beat Lin Dong into a corner, venting his anger. He had his hands on his waist angrily, and he pointed at Lin Dong, sighed, and said, “We originally came to apologize, you know very well that we can’t afford to offend President Zheng, why did you still do this?”

Lin Dong’s face was bruised and he stubbornly said, “I apologized, but why did she throw that drink in my face?” (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Lin Han: “Can’t you just tolerate it for a bit longer?’ (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Lin Dong: “Dad, in this matter, seriously, you are worse than my teacher! Back then when I first knew him, he was still a small officer. And then? He still dared to go directly up against North Gate, and he’s able to say ‘no’ to anything that breaches his principles! Do you want to know why I admire him but not you? It’s because, on some things, you really don’t show that you have much respect for yourself. What’s the use of making more and more money? I would rather our family be ordinary, at least then, we can often be together.“

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