Chapter 433: This Tea Isn’t Ordinary (Part One)

Lin Dong immediately dumped everything from his bag onto the table, there were his phone, keys, as well as the Da Hong Pao tea package that he didn’t notice. Then, he picked up his phone and browsed his call history.

When he clicked into Xu Cheng’s number, he paused and said, “No, my teacher just acknowledged me as his apprentice, yet I didn’t even send him any gifts and I’m already asking him for a favor. This isn’t polite.”

Young Master Lin snorted, “Then don’t call him, he won’t be able to help anyways.”

At this moment, Lin Han’s phone sounded, and it was from the company. 


“President Lin, something happened! The quality inspection bureau came to check the aging problem of our factory’s equipment and product quality, saying something about someone reporting us for product defects. We might have to temporarily close down for inspection before being able to open again.”

“What?!” Lin Han’s face drastically changed, and he muttered to himself, “This Zheng Baorui sure is fast! It had only been a few hours and he’s already trying to force us off a cliff!”

“Did you not bribe them a little?” Lin Han asked.

“We did, but they didn’t accept it and just issued us a notice to tell us to temporarily close down for inspection.”

Lin Han said with a bitter face, “Alright, go and comfort the staff at the factory, I will take care of this. Tell everyone to hurry up and push out the products for the orders that we previously received and try to get as much done before we are forced to shut down. As for the official’s side, I will call and ask.”


After hanging up, Lin Han’s whole face looked very bad.

“I didn’t expect President Zheng to act this fast.”

His wife anxiously asked, “What happened?”

“At the factory, someone from the bureau came and said that our equipment is too old and outdated, just overall unqualified for production. They told us to temporarily shut the factory down and stop producing.”

Young Master Lin: “How’s this going to work? We have a lot of old clients with signed order contracts, if we stop manufacturing and can’t hand over the products past the deadline, we have to pay a penalty for breach of contract…”

Lin Han waved his arm. Then, he picked up his phone and dialed a few contacts that were normally really close to him and asked them to help out where they could.

Then, he called some officials that he knew.

“Hello? Director Chen? I’m Lin Han, I just want to ask you, was it you who sent people to inspect my factory? … No problem, all of the equipment have no problem, and our technicians were all keeping a close eye on them. You also know that it’s a bit hard to buy and purchase those machines, right? Although they are a bit old, they work just fine… I understand you need to inspect them, but do you know how long it will take? … Still don’t know? Oh, alright, I got it, thank you so much, Director Chen! I will treat you to dinner when you are free.”

After hanging up, Lin Han’s face turned bleaker. He then called another number, “Hello, Director Zhang? It’s me, Lin Han, do you have time right now? Let me treat you to dinner. It’s too late right now? Oh, sorry, then I will stop disturbing you, do you have time tomorrow though? No? Oh, then what time are you free?” 

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Lin Han called again, “Hello, Director Li? This is what happened, my factory is suddenly being investigated, do you know who authorized it? Don’t know? But can you help me out a bit?”

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Lin Han threw the phone onto the sofa and sunk into silence. The whole family entered a state of silent depression again.

“Dong, there’s no other way. Mr. Zheng clearly has better connections than me, we can’t beat them even in our own game. For the family, can you just do this?” Lin Han faintly said to Lin Dong.

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