Chapter 435: Speak Politely (Part One)

Inside the villa, Xu Cheng, Luo Yi, Li Wei, and Auntie Lan were sitting by the table.

Auntie Lan was making tea, mainly because those three men basically knew nothing about tea and it was a complete waste for them to make it.

Li Wei and Luo Yi had scolded Lin Dong for messing up the tea, and Auntie Lan later came out and then scolded them for messing up the tea.

Then, Auntie Lan personally taught them all how to make it.

When Lin Han’s family came in, they saw Auntie Lan making tea there. If one were to compete in the art of tea with a maid of a big family like Auntie Lan, they would lose brutally for sure.

Auntie Lan knew very well how to free the tea aroma and nutrition from the leaves, and her technique of making tea was simply an art to look at that even Lin Han was drawn into watching and didn’t dare to interrupt.

The family of four just stood by the door and didn’t want to break the atmosphere.

Seeing Auntie Lan taking such a long time, Luo Yi was getting a bit impatient. “Auntie, is it almost done? How come when you make tea, it smells so good? I can’t wait to drink it anymore.”

Auntie Lan smacked Luo Yi’s hand, which had been inching towards the tea, and glared at him, “You three wasted a big portion of the Da Hong Pao. Even if your hearts aren’t aching, mine is. I will make the rest of the tea so no more is wasted. I will scold whoever wastes any more of this treasure.”

Li Wei pointed at Xu Cheng. “Then you should scold him.”

“Young Master brought this tea over, he’s obviously allowed to waste it.”

Auntie Lan obviously wouldn’t dare to blame the young master. 

Xu Cheng then raised his head and looked at Lin Dong and the others by the door. “Come on in. I just moved in, and there isn’t enough furniture in the villa for now so there might not be enough seats. If you can find one, sit, or just stand.”

There was definitely nothing wrong with that, even the maid was standing. The four of the Lin Family obviously didn’t dare to sit down, since they were here to ask a favor anyways.

After Auntie Lan made the tea, she passed three small cups to Luo Yi, Li Wei, and Xu Cheng.

The three of them savored the smell before finally sipping the tea.

When Lin Han smelled this fresh aroma like that of an orchid, he was sure it was Da Hong Pao. He swallowed his spittle, feeling a bit thirsty.

Then, Luo Yi took out another cup and passed it to Lin Dong, smiling and saying, “Brat, here, have a taste. I’m still waiting on your delivery of a truckload of this.”

Lin Dong bitterly smiled. He accepted the cup and awkwardly said, “I don’t understand tea, sorry that I made a fool out of myself.”

Lin Han directly took the cup from Lin Dong’s hand and then took a deep breath, slowly savoring the aroma. At last, he said very enjoyingly, “This is indeed Wuyi Mountain’s original Da Shan Pao.”

Auntie Lan said in disdain, “It’s an insult to the tea to have that come out of your mouth.” (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

“Yeah.” Lin Han didn’t get angry by the remark at all. “I’m just a vulgar person, a businessman that can only ride the waves, and I indeed don’t deserve to drink this tea. It is an honor that I’m fortunate enough to see this tea up close in my lifetime.” (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Then, he bowed deeply to Xu Cheng and said, “Mr. Xu, I apologize for my behavior from earlier, these little gifts have my sincerest apologies.”

Inside the bags were expensive brand-name watches and other luxury items like men’s perfumes, jades, and sandalwood beads. (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

After Xu Cheng put down the teacup, he looked up at Lin Han and said, “You should’ve heard what I said to you before. Me taking your son in as an apprentice is just between me and him, I won’t use the Lin Family’s name for personal interest or convenience. But, vice versa, you don’t need to try to suck up to me with these little gifts. You can leave with these bags, just Dong needs to stay.”

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