Chapter 435: Speak Politely (Part Two)

“Xu…” Lin Dong’s big brother was about to say something rude, but he was suddenly interrupted by Lin Han as his father elbowed him. Lin Han immediately smiled and bowed again to Xu Cheng. “Then sorry to interrupt your night, we will get going now. Mr. Xu, if you have time, you can find me via Dong anytime, I really want to treat you to dinner sometime to express my apology.”

Li Wei: “You are free to leave.”

The maid came over to gesture for the guests to leave.

Lin Han grabbed his elder son and wife and immediately walked out of the door.

Her wife kept on sneaking peeks at Auntie Lan with a weird look.

After coming out, Young Master Lin finally snapped, “So facking arrogant!”


Lin Han directly slapped him across the face. “Did you not see my attitude just now? That tea is really Da Hong Pao, the hand-picked original ones that are special supply, not the mass-produced sh*t we drink! Did you not see? There are at least 50 grams on that table! For a tea that only produces 400 grams per year, there are 50 grams here! With what kind of big background could someone get their hands on 50 grams of this? Let me tell you, even our country’s mayor or secretary probably hasn’t even seen a leaf of this tea, but there are 50 grams here! You almost facked over our family’s future just now, did you know?”

Young Master Lin held his burning face and said, “But it felt like we were shoving our warm face over but he’s just giving us the cold azz… Do we really have to suck up to him that much?”

Lin Han’s face darkened. “Did you forget about your little brother? At least he didn’t kick away Little Dong, which means at least he acknowledges him as an apprentice now. With Dong on his side, wouldn’t it be the same if Dong knows him as the Lin Family knows him? If you acted rudely just now, you would only make it difficult for Dong. Don’t make more trouble, just get into the car and we will wait for news.”

The three of them got into the car. At this time, Mommy Lin was still in a daze.

Lin Han turned around to ask her, “What’s up with you? Why didn’t you say anything this whole time?”

Mommy Lin mumbled, “I think I’ve seen that lady before from somewhere, but I can’t remember off the top of my head…”

Then, after a while of thinking when Lin Han just started the car, his wife suddenly exclaimed, “Holy moly! I remember now! Old Lin, I just remembered who it was that I just saw back in there! Do you know Shu Ting Real Estate?”

“Of course, the biggest real estate company in Shangcheng, the 4th biggest in the country, who doesn’t know?” Lin Han said, “I just know that this company is very mysterious.”

“That lady just now, she’s the chairwoman of Shu Ting Real Estate! That’s right, I remember now! When that real estate company was hosting a party, I went with a few other noble ladies, and back then, I even went up to have a drink with her. She probably forgot about me now. I remember now, it’s her!”

Then, Lin Han’s wife immediately took out her phone and did a quick search, and she found information on Lan Ting.

“Old Lin, take a look. Isn’t she the lady inside?”

Lin Han and their elder son immediately moved over and looked, and they were immediately shocked.

Under Lan Ting’s profile, there was Shu Ting Real Estate, which had a market value of more than a hundred billion yuan. To be lowkey, on the profile, it only wrote that Lan Ting had 51% of the company’s shares, but it was still impressive enough.

Asset valuation: tens of billions of dollars!

Li Han suddenly thought of something, and he immediately asked his son, “Did you hear what she called Dong’s teacher?”

Of course Young Master Lin heard it. He swallowed his spittle and said, “I-I think, she called him Young Master?”

Lin Han’s wife: “Then what would be Dong’s teacher’s background?” (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Lin Han immediately sent a short text to Lin Dong’s phone. (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Lin Dong picked up his phone, and he just saw two words, “Speak politely”. (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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